Baeckaoffa - French Slow Cooking


Introduction: Baeckaoffa - French Slow Cooking

The Baeckaoffa or Baeckeoffe (depending on the region) is a traditional dish from the east of France, Alsace. Baeckaoffa meaning "Baker's Oven" in the Alsatian dialect. It is often eaten for special occasions like Christmas by the Alsatian people.

Step 1: The Ingredients

For 6 people:

- 500 g of boneless porc loin

- 500 g of beef chuck

- 500 g of lamb shoulder

- 3 or 4 onions

- 1500 g of potatoes

- 1/2 L of white wine from Alsace

- salt and pepper

- garlic, parsley, leek, white turnip

Step 2: Marinate

Marinate the meat in medium pieces during 24h in some of the half litter of the white wine with the onions, garlic, all the herbs and salt and pepper.

Step 3: The Baking

The next day, butter a terrine container or deep Pyrex such as in the picture. Then dispose a bed of potatoes cut in slices, and add over the potatoes the marinated meat with onions. Add over that another layer of potatoes and onions. Wet the whole thing with the rest of white wine that was not marinate with the meat.

Do not forget to add salt and pepper.

Put the Baeckaoffa in the oven for 2h30 at 400 Fahrenheit.

Step 4: Enjoy!!

Serve the Baeckaoffa in its terrine.

This dish is well accompanied with a salad and a white wine from Alsace

And enjoy!!!

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