Bag Cake





Introduction: Bag Cake

Hello, this is how you make a bag cake like this one!

Step 1: Hardware

Make your hardware in advance, at least 5 days before the date that is going to be use, with gum paste. I try to copy the way they look by using pictures, no mold was use, but if you have one, hey! Use it.

When is completely dry, its time to paint.

For the paint I used metallic gold dust diluted with some vodka. let dry.

Step 2: ​Build Your Cake

Build your cake. I made 6, rectangular cakes that I cut in half.

To make the cake strong, in between the layers of cake I used chocolate ganache, also for the out side,

Every 3 layers of cake put a board resting on some dowels, for support.

Step 3: Covering With Fondant

Apply a thing coat of Crisco to the ganache, and cutting the fondant to fit each side of you bag, panel it to the cake. (Place the fondant inside the fridge for a few minutes to make not so soft).

Use pictures for references, blow them up to the actual size of the bag you want to make, and use it as a guide.

The texture of the fondant I did with a silicone mold :)

Step 4: Eat

Cut and eat your cake.



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    7 Discussions

    Wow! Looks so real!


    1 year ago

    This bag is beautifully done.I hope to do this well.

    Hi! Thank you. Yes is all edible. Even the Orange box is a cake. The handles have a wooden stick inside, other than that, is all edible.

    Wow! I love that!

    This looks so fun! Do you have any progress photos you could share?

    1 reply

    Hi I'm sorry, I don't. I take pictures with my phone and share them with family, but because of storage space, I delete them.