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Introduction: Bags With Ikea Fabrics

About: Hi, I'm from Northern Italy and I' m 37 years old. I can say that I am a fabric addict !! Love making bags, sewing, patchwork. If you like bags like me, come and visit my website !

This is my passion for fabrics, colors and bags, Result= bags with Ikea fabrics, why not?



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Wow, they're beautiful! Ikea near to me has not those kinds of fabric!

thank you very much :) totally know what I'm doing

This isnt an instructable

My thoughts exactly...


lovely designs and very user friendly.I'm sure lots of people like me would like u to add instructions to make atleast a few easy ones ;)

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Your bags are wonderful i really like the lovely patterns you've made on them.You can also try using indian tie and dye fabrics it looks great on bags.

It would be really nice if you made an instructable:) If you are worried about your english, you can just let the pictures talk for the most part.

Could you maybe post pics of the step by step. I really like them but I have no idea of how to make a bag, so anything would help. Thanks.

These are super cute! I particularly like the one with the pear-shaped bottom, pink & green square fabric. Totally original.

Cool, love your designs! I didn't know Ikea sold fabric, either. Good tip.

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Hi Patrick, yes of course ikea sells fabric by the yard !! It sells beautiful fabrics like these ones !! I love these fabrics, these come from the new Ikea fabric collection .

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Thanks for the instructions !!!...I'm really new here but I like it so much !! You're cool.

Where do you get the fabric from - I don't recall Ikea selling fabric by the yard, or something like that? Or are these just "Ikea-inspired"?