Oh great! It's that time of year again for joy & cheer, happy children, festive dinners, blah, blah, blah, blah...whatever! Ugghhh!! Bah Humbug!!

 This year I decided to make cards for all our friends and family. Now of course I not a scrooge, no way, no "humbug" in this house. This was all in fun, a little bit of dark humor if you will...and my "peeps" know how my mind works, they are accustomed to this!

 I love the holidays, most people do.....but sometimes in the middle of all that shopping, standing in the long lines, keeping the children in behaved, holiday traffic, etc....you just wanna step back and pull your hair out!! By the end of those kinda' days we all have a little bit of "HUMBUG" in us.....hence the idea for my holiday cards this year. :)

 The idea was to have humorous, yet naughty and devious situations that the snowmen would doing...or something happening to them...for instance - a snowman melting his head with a blowdryer....or a little dog "doing his business" at the base of a snowman....or Santa Clause kidnapped by a snowman....you get the idea.

  Keep in mind this is not the typical instructable which involves measuring, cutting, nailing together, wrenching, etc... Your end result doesn't have to look like mine, use your creativity and let it flow. Everyone is an artist in their own way so have fun with it and good luck.

Step 1: Supplies & Sketching....

First we will gather some supplies....

* White paper or Heavy card stock

* Pencils

* Eraser

* Black Ink pen

* Coloring Pencils 

...also a printer/ copy machine is desirable, but not neccessary.

Now we draw...

 Ok take the paper, or card stock, fold it in half to make the card. Figure out where you want your drawing to be placed on the panel that would be the front of the card.

 I started by sketching out the snowman's body near the middle, 3 circles, nothing special. Branches for the arms were made by a couple crookedly drawn lines....they're branches, no need to be perfect.

 Next sketch the carrot shape for the nose, then some round-ish shapes for the coal eyes and mouth, and so on....you can give him a stocking hat, an old fashion top hat, whatever you like. You can always erase your sketch and begin new, no worries.
<p>This was really funny and it was a perfect card to give to a far away cousin with this type of humor. They were quite simple to make.</p>
<p>I really like these! They are pretty funny and I don't consider them &quot; morbid&quot; or whatever at all. I like the Christmas-Twist style thing, I will probably make a few cards like these. Thanks c:</p>
love them !
Hey thanks you two. Hope they bring a few laughs.
Super cute! I did a card a few years ago with a snowman and a hair dryer, because darn it sometimes xmas just feels that way! These are cute, I adore them! (I also have a dark sense of humor)

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