Introduction: Bailing Wire Fencing

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We found some fence posts, and arched rebar at our local building supply reclamation center, and decided they would be perfect for keeping the dogs out of the vegetable gardens we were trying to cultivate. All we needed to add was some bailing wire and burlap.

Step 1: Wire Your Fence

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We pounded a post into each corner of the bed, to support the wire. A Post Driver may be necessary, depending on the hardness of the ground. This was done in a harsh desert climate - post driver was definitely helpful.

We took the bailing wire and wrapped it around the four outer poles of the bed. Then we placed the curved rebar pieces in the bed, so that it could support the burlap.

Step 2: Pin the Burlap

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We used some basting pins to link the two sheets of burlap together, and secured it to the arched burlap with more bailing wire.

Step 3: Grow Stuff!

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Now you can grow stuff, knowing that your dogs won't try and get into your veggie garden :D Small pests aren't a problem in our climate, try tighter woven fencing if you need to keep other critters out.


jessimata (author)2014-03-10

i like this alot! easy to find items. low cost investment with high return.

mejones (author)2014-02-21

Good idea my lab loves tomatoes

mdeboer325 (author)2014-02-19

Great photos. Great project.

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