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Winter is here and the snow is falling,  while snowmen are garnishing neighbors lawns.  This Instructable was inspired to accommodate  winter loving, skiing loving, snow loving people who drive or fly 1000's of miles to greet the snow.  Sometimes when they can't get away to play in the snow , they need an alternative that will satisfy their needs. Let's play in the snow!

Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
  • 1 Bottle of sand or beach sand
  • 1 large empty Gatorade bottle with lid
  • Black tube paint ( find one with a thin pointed tip,  it will be easier to paint the face.)
  • White tube paint ( find one with a thin pointed tip.)
  • 2 Small ribbons
  • 1 Finger light optional
  • 2 ever green twigs for arms or sticks
  • 1 Small index card
  • 1 Of either batting, sock, white fabric, or several cotton balls for the snow opitional
  • 1 White foam sheet  ( all I had was black )
  • 1 Toothpick for poking the arm holes. 
canucksgirl3 years ago
OMG... this is sooooooo adorable. :)

I missed so many ibles over the holidays... gotta get caught up.
You've been a very busy girl :D
sunshiine (author)  canucksgirl3 years ago
Thanks for commenting! Yes, I have been busy. This one was so much fun! Have a great day!
scoochmaroo3 years ago
Ha, I love it! You have been busy!
sunshiine (author)  scoochmaroo3 years ago
Thanks, yes I have been busy. This little guy turned out real cute. Have a great day and thanks for commenting.
M.C. Langer3 years ago
Beautiful!!! :-)
sunshiine (author)  M.C. Langer3 years ago
Thanks for commenting! I just thought I would send some snow your way! Have a fun snow-filled experience.