Bake Pasta in a Slow Cooker

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Step 2: The Cheese Mix

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For a good firm texture with lots of flavor, combine (by volume):
  • 4 parts Ricotta
  • 3 parts fine-grated Provolone
  • 3 parts fine-grated Mozzarella
  • 2 parts fine-grated Parmesan
You should be able to form a beautiful snowball of cheese that keeps its form when thrown back into the bowl.  The structure and flavor of your cheese will vary wildly from brand to brand, so test small batches before throwing everything together. 

Most people expect some kind of topping cheese.  This is a basic recipe for a topping:
  •     3 parts fine-grated Provolone
  •     3 parts fine-grated Mozzarella
  •     1 part fine-grated Parmesan
Note that purists will contend that the topping should be Bechemel sauce.  We chose not to make a sauce since that doesn't keep as much to the theme of slow cooker convenience.

Just so you understand how each interacts with added ingredients so you can act accordingly:
  • The Ricotta cheese provides the main body for all the stuffing, but you can get a rather cheap brand for this. 
  • The Mozzarella provides some of that stringiness and texture, but not necessarily flavor, so you can go cheap with that as well. 
  • The Provolone adds a significant amount of flavor and this is where you may consider higher quality, or at least something sharp. 
  • The Parmesan helps to keep everything dry, provides the most salt, and contributes a very strong flavor.  You should strongly consider a high-quality Parmesan cheese.
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