Bake Pasta in a Slow Cooker

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Step 5: Manicotti

Picture of Manicotti
Manicotti is very easy to stuff if you're willing to get your hands dirty.  Dive each one through the bowl of cheese like a hawk swooping for its prey.  This will scoop up some cheese, which you can then cram further inside with your index finger.  When the tube is filled halfway on one side, start filling from the other side instead.

These diagonal-cut manicotti lend themselves better to cooking on their sides.  If you can find flat-cut manicotti, you can cook them upright in a taller slow cooker.

Spread sauce evenly across each tube.  Use a spoonful of sauce per tube, spreading the sauce across the tube.  For each new tube, start from the opposite end.  So we went up-to-down, then down-to-up.  This helps to better distribute the sauce as it cooks and prevents major dry spots.

Top with sauce and then the topping cheese.  Consider that manicotti is a giant cheese tube, so you may consider a generous, robust sauce.

Just like the other recipes, these tend to finish on low in 2-3 hours or on high in 60-90 minutes.
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