Baked Apples

Picture of Baked Apples
These baked apples are the best you'll ever taste, guaranteed.  And they're super easy!  Grab some apples, and try this now.  Yes, NOW.  Make extra, as you'll want leftovers for breakfast - they're that good.

Breakfast, really?
Yes, definitely.  This is what all breakfast cereals wish they could be!  I had an amazing baked apple for brunch in New Orleans, where it's considered an important part of a well-balanced hangover-battling breakfast.  Give it a try.

The base recipe I describe here is easily modified, so you can combine it with your favorite parts of Grandma's recipe, or experiment to your heart's content.
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Step 1: Tools & Ingredients

Picture of Tools & Ingredients
brown sugar
whipping cream
allspice, cinnamon, or other spice of your choice (optional)
other fillings like raisins or nuts (optional; I'm not using them here)

knife or apple corer
oven-proof baking dish

Step 2: Core Apples

Picture of Core Apples
Grab a paring knife or apple corer, and cut the cores out of your apples.

Place them right-side-up in a baking pan.  It's fine if they're a snug fit, but you want each to have enough room to rest squarely on the bottom of the pan.

What kind of apples should you use?  
Anything that's considered a good baking apple, and preferably has a slightly tart bite.  That includes Galas, Golden Delicious, Cortlands, Empires, Mutsus, Winesaps, Jonagolds, Johnathans, Honeycrisps, Russets, Pippins, or anything else you'd use in a pie.  Avoid Fujis, McIntosh, and Red Delicious, as they don't stand up well to cooking.  I also tend to avoid Granny Smiths, as they're a bit one-note tart, but if you're adding more flavorful fillings they may be fine.

Step 3: Stuff apples

Picture of Stuff apples
Fill the apple cores loosely with brown sugar. 

If you're using raisins or nuts, this is the time to add them too - mix them with the brown sugar, and pack the cores a bit more tightly.

I don't have exact measurements for this - just eyeball it.  The apple core/apple ratio turns out to be just about right for creating the right sweet balance, and anyway there's a decent margin for error.
Brennn101 year ago
Just moved into my school apartment - and my room is right next to the kitchen! I'm super excited to try this out.
canida (author)  Brennn101 year ago
Awesome! Let me know how it goes.
This looks absolutely delicious...makes my mouth water...
Lorddrake2 years ago
looking forward to trying this :)
canida (author)  Lorddrake2 years ago
Awesome! Let me know how it goes.
Yum yum yum yum yum yum.....Thanks for posting. They look delicious :0)
canida (author)  porcupinemamma2 years ago
Thanks! Let me know if you try them. :)
rrkrose2 years ago
Wow! The first picture is beautiful!
canida (author)  rrkrose2 years ago
Thank you! I'm working on improving my food photography - it's slow going, so I appreciate the feedback.
Boost2 years ago
If you want to go super fast and for one person, do this: Core one apple, mix some butter, cinnamon and sugar, jam it in the apple, put the whole thing in the micro and nuke it for a minute or two. The apple meat becomes soft but stay in the peal. Drizzle over some cold store bought marzan sauce and eat carefully as the apple is really hot.
canida (author)  Boost2 years ago
Sounds good! You should post an Instructable next time you make these.
These were amazing! They destroyed my stomach but it was totally worth it. :D
canida (author)  jessyratfink2 years ago
Sorry about that! I blame Eric's pie - it had a ton of dairy too,
ChrysN2 years ago
Wow, that looks so good!
canida (author)  ChrysN2 years ago
Thanks! Give it a try and let me know what you think.
Baked apples? YEAH YOU DID!!
nice i love it so creative!!
canida (author)  Dusk Shadows2 years ago