Introduction: Baked Brie and Roasted Garlic Quick and Easy Appetizer

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This is a quick and easy way to impress people at parties or if you're hosting. It actually can be rather cheap to do too! If you have a Grocery Outlet nearby then you can pick up a wheel of Brie for less than 3 dollars.

Preheat the oven at 375

Gather your ingredients:





Tin Foil

Step 1: Prep Ingredients

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Cut the top off of the garlic and spread oil over each one of the cloves. Wrap in foil and make sure that you twist the top to help the garlic cook.

Step 2: Bake the Garlic

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With the oven heated you can place the garlic in. Let it cook for about 13 minutes. You can actually start to tell that its ready when it starts to smell up the kitchen.

Step 3: Add the Brie

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The brie doesn't nearly take as long to bake as the garlic. At about 15 minutes when I know the garlic is almost ready, I add in the brie. It'll only take about 5 minutes for the cheese to get nice and gooey.

Step 4: Take Out and Enjoy!

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The garlic is now cooked to the point where it's spreadable on bread. Because it is cooked it's not nearly as potent as fresh garlic. Now throw on a slice of gooey brie on there and you have yourself a pretty tasty fancy appetizer.


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