Step 3: Score the Ham!

We'll be making shallow cuts into the outside of the ham that will allow it to self baste, essentially. The fat will flow freely down into the cuts, and it'll also help flavor the ham with the brown sugar and pineapple.

If you're using an uncooked ham, set it on one side. If you're using a cooked ham, set it cut side down on a cutting board.

Take a large knife and make shallow cuts, from 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch deep. It isn't very important where you make these - my mom just does it every couple inches. And only worry about the top of the ham - you don't need to score the bottom side of the ham.

The first three photos show how it should look at the end - the rest are showing how my mom scores it. She cautions that you will need to hold the skin and fat into place - sometimes it likes to slip off during cutting.

Our ham ended up being scored a little deep, but that's okay. Just makes it a little trickier to keep the fat on. :P

<p>This web page sucks! They don't let you download the recipe without buying a Pro subscription. If you try to just print this, it prints a mess.</p>
<p>You're really complaining on a website that's free and where people can share amazing things about how they're trying to make enough money with paid features to keep the rest of the website free?</p>
<p>You don't know how to cut/copy and paste? Now that really sux.</p>
<p>just cut around the bone, then make slices parallel to the cut surface.</p>
<p>Very Nice.</p>
<p>@Stevemerickson you can take a screen shot by hitting ctrl, print screen. Then go to paint and paste it there and you can print it up that way.</p>
<p>@Stevemerickson you can take a screen shot by hitting ctrl, print screen. Then go to paint and paste it there and you can print it up that way.</p>
wow, looks so delicious! I want to eat it!
My ham is in the oven right now, and it smells delicious! Serving this for dinner to my roommates tonight with scalloped potatoes and sweet carrots. My only change is that I used fresh pineapple so I had to substitute orange juice in the glaze and added fresh ginger... yum!!
Orange juice and ginger sound amazing. :D <br /> <br />I wish I was eating at your house tonight, haha
Oh man. What a winner. The verdict is: DELISH. Thanks for guiding me through my first go at ham, now I'll have amazing sandwiches for days!
This was an awesome recipe!!! My whole family loved it!!! Thanks!!!
You're welcome. :D I'm so happy you made it!
and another victory for jessy! <br>
Love it ! 8)
Wow this looks delicious! I've never made a ham before, but now I want to!

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