Baked Potato Soup – Yummy Winter Treat


Introduction: Baked Potato Soup – Yummy Winter Treat

Nothing beats a warm bowl of hearty soup to fight the cold winter chill. This soup is easy to make and will satisfy just about anyone.

5 large potatoes
2 sticks butter
2/3 cup of flour
1.5 quarts of milk
4 green onions
1 cup sour cream
2 cups crisp bacon (optional)
8 oz grated cheddar
Salt and pepper to taste

Bake potatoes until done. Cut In half and scoop out insides into bowl. Melt butter in saucepan then slowly blend in flour. Add milk gradually, stirring constantly. Keep on medium heat, add potatoes and green onion, continue stirring. Add sour cream and bacon then slowly add cheese and stir until melted. Salt and pepper to taste. Garnish with chive. -

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