They certainly aren’t potato chips, but they have a slight crunch and with the right seasoning taste delicious.

Step 1:

  •     Spinach (regular or baby, I bought a bag of spinach from the salad section)
  •     Cookie Sheet
  •     Reynolds Non-Stick Aluminum Foil or Parchment Paper
  •     Seasoning (I’ve made two versions, one used garlic salt and pepper, the other I used cajun seasoning. They were both very good)
I use a food dehydrator to make kale chips and love them....wonder if these will work in the dehydrator also.....nice to not have to heat up the oven...
Are these not a bit like dust?<br> I can't imagine &quot;crisp&quot; or &quot;crunch&quot; with dried-spinach, &quot;delicate&quot; yes.<br> <br> L
They are delicate. They don't necessarily crunch but they have a light crisp. If you let let them burn then they do turn to dust.
Thanks, this would be a job in which you really do have to keep a good eye on?<br /> <br /> L

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