This is a no-mayo potato salad made with roasted red potatoes. It's the best ever. 

Step 1: What You'll Need!

  • 15-20 red potatoes
  • 1 bunch green onions
  • 1 strip of bacon for every two potatoes, I used 8.
  • sour cream
  • shredded cheddar cheese
  • fresh garlic
  • olive oil
  • mustard powder (optional)
  • smoked paprika (optional)
  • salt and pepper!
Plus, a sheet pan for roasting the taters, a cutting board + a knife and a big bowl to mix it all together. :)

I can't stand mayo, either, but as caitlinsdad pointed out, sour cream isn't a better low-cal substitute. However, I made this yesterday using Greek Yogurt instead of sour cream and WOW. This is our new go-to potato salad. Thanks!!!!
I didn't rememeber seeing this recipe when I made my frenchfry potato salad but maybe it was somewhere in the back of my mind (no age comments please) Im going to make an effort to remember the addition of cheese the next time I make tater salad and try the baking method
I had read this recipe before a while back and it is a great, great recipe. I so agree with you about the NO mayo...... uck on mayo (this is a baked potato salad). <br> <br>Wanted to ask you to think about trying a bit of Liquid Smoke on your potatoes before roasting them. I like just a little tadge of it for this salad. I pour the smallest amount of the Liquid Smoke in my palm and then just rub it over the somewhat dry potatoes before you cut and put them in the oven. Not much, but it gives that smokey taste. Now you might not like it, but thought I would suggest trying. If such even sounds interesting to you. <br> <br>I love everything you post that I have read so far.....
I have actually never owned any liquid smoke and I've always been curious about it. :)<br><br>It does sound good!
The Liquid Smoke goes a &quot;long&quot; way, so being very sparse with trying it, especially the first time. Better to not have enough, than too much. I first tried it years ago, when I got a food dehydrator and made jerky. If you ever have some money to splurge, a food dehydrator just for jerky is wonderful. Ever since I made my own, the store bought just isn't good any longer.
Damn this is good! Just finished making it for the 4th to go along with some brisket and it turned out waaaay better than I expected. Thanks much for the great recipe!
Yay! I love seeing comments like that. :D<br><br>I haven't made this forever and now I'm craving it!
amazing what you find late at night while browsing instructables ! My grandmother made a similar salad for yrs, then my mom and now my daughters make it. The difference is they use boiled potato chunks, the dressing is miricle whip/vinager and bacon grease regular onions and no cheese but Im going to suggest the cheese for the next batch ! I have done a variaty using frozen steak fries and blucheese dressing to replace the mw/vinager in the dressing, pretty good but not as popular as the original
Mm, looks delicious!<br /> <br /> I'm getting my mom to make this on my birthday&nbsp; &gt;;D<br />
Learn how to cook it yourself. Then you can have it whenever you want.
Yummo!<br /> <br /> Needs a little bit more light for the opening picture but the rest look nice.<br /> <br /> Here in some parts of Australia they've got a place called 'patty's Potatoes', where they specialize in delicious potato-y treats. They do all kinds, but my favorite was the potato salad, it looks similar to this, and now I really want to try... I might tomorrow. :D<br />
Looks awesome, Jessy!&nbsp; Do you own a restaurant? Cman<br />
Yum, I would have thrown in the chopped bacon on top of the potatoes to cook in the oven at the same time. Yeah, the potatoes would have absorbed all the grease but it's bacon...<br /> <br /> BTW, is it no-mayo because of mayo-haters?&nbsp; Sour cream is not exactly a better low-cal substitute...and then you can't please the lactose-intolerant.<br />
&nbsp;I despise mayo. It is disgusting.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> And plus, who would put mayo on a baked potato?&nbsp;<br /> (If someone actually does this I don't want to know...)<br />
Mmm. Sounds really good, and I have some red potatoes! Add chicken and stick it between two pieces of bread and you have, some type of sandwich.<br />
.&nbsp; Another great Ible from Jessy.<br />

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