First of all this is only a model, IT DOES NOT SHOOT!

I would build this gun over most of the guns that do shoot just because of the sheer looks,although it is not the easiest gun to build it is not impossible.

If you need any help with steps or more pictures I can get them to you just ask.

Step 1: The Front Barrel

A Very easy step, you won't need any help.

Step 2: The Front Hand-Grip

This is a tricky and lengthy step, just keep your cool and have some patience. Read the notes for more help.

Step 3: Main Body

This is the outer shell of the body of the Ak, look at the pictures carefully, they are quite difficult.

Step 4: Body Support

Very easy step, think of it like an interior barrel :P

Step 5: Magazine

Another easy step, but can be hard to understand at first.

Step 6: Handle

Once again, very easy.

Step 7: Sight

Easy, just pay attention to the pictures.

Step 8: Stock

Quite easy again

Step 9: Different Parts

Just follow the pictures, I will be naming every part for future reference.

Step 10: Put Together Body

Follow the pictures, pay close attention to the notes.

Step 11: Add Supports to Body

Follow :P

Step 12: Put Together Front Half

Very, very easy step!

Step 13: Add Stock and Handle


Step 14: YOU ARE DONE!

Now go and enjoy your model of an Ak-47!
<p>The clip is honestly the worst part of the build i smashed mine at least 2 times before getting it right!! its an awesome gun though and is realy realistic feeling!! good job!!</p>
https://m.instructables.com/files/orig/FNU/VOC2/GL4Z6P19/FNUVOC2GL4Z6P19.jpg if you want a challange try to make this model work and send me a link after it is posted if you end up trying it.
why on earth would you want instructions? if you want real ak instructions just wait for my new comment.
can i put rubber bands around the area where the panels are to keep them on?<br>
dude! This is the most awesomest ak-47 if seen and built
id build it but it looks like it uses too many pieces :I
The front end is great, but the stock needs some work.
HAHAHAHA AK-47? lol it doesn't look like it at all + it doesn't shoot :S
can u make the pictures simply
<p>the stock and the rear barrel portion look more like an stg-44</p>
thats what i was going to say!
On KNEX Innovation the instructions are for one that looks like this but also fires.
I thought bakenbitz made a REAL mag for it. That made it SHOOT.
Sorry, but this gun does not belong in Flawless K'nex Guns because it does not fire, try putting it in K'nex Gun Models.
Being that it is a model and not a working gun, not firing does not count as a flaw.
it does shoot if you go to knexinnovation.net and make the instructions from there you'll read that it does shoot, this guy screwed the looks and everything up so it can't shoot for him
Ok, first of all do the research before you post your comment. This version was the first version bakenbitz made, which he wasn't going to post instructions for...so I did it for him. The version on KI is his third or fourth version where he made it able to shoot. Seriously don't bash an instructable if you don't know its history.
One of the requirements is that it has good power.
Not for a model, if you want to avoid confusion you should change your group to 'Flawless working k'nex guns'
I suppose I should do something, but "I'm the decider and I decide what's best"-George Bush, lol.
G.W. Bush is a very silly person.
He is silly.
Oops, sorry, my bad.
not the best handle, could be better. 5* still<br/>
show a vid of it shouting
I don't know how k'nex is supposed to shout
search knex guns on instructables and you will find out how. but this one does not shoot
Can you post a link to where it shouts?
First of all it is spelled shoots and next it is a friken model it doesnt shoot.
Why don't you pay attention and notice that I was talking about "connorty" who posted: "show a vid of it shouting". I was mocking him because of his poor spelling.
Sorry, but u dont really get sarcasm with out emotion in the voice...
It's pretty obvious if you payed attention.
well still a little hard
i could of where it is shooting, but not it shouting. knex guns are very <sub>quiet</sub><br/>
lol...<br/>&quot;Hey Knex AK, how was your day?&quot;<br/><sub><sup>&quot;eh, it was ok&quot;<sub><sup></sup></sub></sup></sub><br/>&quot;What happened?&quot;<br/><sub><sup>&quot;nothing much, nothing much&quot;<sub><sup></sup></sub></sup></sub><br/>&quot;Hey, how's your mom doing?&quot;<br/><sub><sup>&quot;she's doing fine&quot;<sub><sup></sup></sub></sup></sub><br/>
Didn't you read my first comment properly?
yes, but it was more comical this way
Freeze or I'll shout at you :robber promptly sticks his hands up:
oh no, dont shout at me! ill give you the money (puts money in the bag) (then runs and hides in a dark corner in fetal position, sucking my thumb)
ya lol ... Robber moves and the cop starts shouting like an absolute maniac!
Explode his eardrums, that will teach him a lesson.

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