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Introduction: Bakery Shop

Create a Miniature Bakery Shop within an Ostrich Egg

Step 1: Tutorial



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    This is really impressive work! You've certainly got some skill at small-scale dioramas!

    Thank you. It was my first time making the miniatures. The chef is a fairy doll that has been repainted & I took her wings off.

    First time!? You should definitely keep making stuff. You've got talent!

    Thank you Sam. My eyes are a bit crossed right now......finished making a miniature fat chef last night for another egg.

    This is so amazing! You should put the info from the PDF into the Instructable so it's easier to read!

    Danger, thank you......I will try to re-do it.....can I just edit what has been published, or do I have to make a new instructable? I had just uploaded the pdf because I was afraid of messing up my wiring diagram, but my son (the genius that I'm not) just now rolled his eyes at me & told me....."group your diagram, Mom!".

    You don't have to make an entire new instructable, you can just edit this one. You can add steps to make your writing and pictures more organized, and you can still upload the PDF if you want to keep it in there, in fact, I would recommend keeping at least a PDF attached with the printable pieces. I made this handy-dandy how-to that should make using the instructable editor a bit easier.

    Let me know if you have any other questions! :)

    Thanks to both of you for guiding this newbie. I will check out the link & get to work!