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This is a simple recipe of an albanian scpiality called Bakllava.

Ingredients :
250 gr  melted butter

1 kg      flake pastry

300 gr   walnuts 

( 40 gr cinnamon, if you like it )

Syrup :

1 Kg sugar

500 mL water

lemon juce


1. Mix walnuts ( with cinnamon)

2. Prepare the puff pastry, spread the butter between each sheet

3. Put the 6 first sheets on th baking dish ( keep 6 other sheets aside to put them on the top, in the end of the process)

4. Pour one third of the mixture of walnuts ( and cnnamon ) on top

5. Cover it with two sheets
- Pour the mixture again
- Repeat the process
- Put 6 final sheets

7. Cut it in squares

8. Bake it at 180 °C (350 °F) for 20 minutes

Prepare the syrup :

1. Boil the sugar with the water for ten minutes

2. Add the lemon juce

Take it out of the oven, pour the syrup over it and let stand 6 hours.

For the dressing you can put on the top of each square, some mixed pistachio nut 


jessyratfink (author)2011-12-01

Oh, I love baklava! That picture makes my mouth water.

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