Balance Bike Conversion to Smaller Wheels





Introduction: Balance Bike Conversion to Smaller Wheels

Sometimes balance bike/ 4 wheel bike seats are too high for smaller kids. If there is no possibility to get seat lower, you can change wheels to smaller instead.

Step 1: Balance Bike Conversion to Smaller Wheels

Watch video for more details.

If you don't see video, please follow [this link]

You will need:

  • bike
  • wheels
  • some spacers

Remove original bike wheels and replace them with smaller ones (I used skateboard wheels). Place spacers if needed. You are ready to go.



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    I think it is a good idea for smaller kids and a simple and smart solution. Nice!

    I agree with OSA, it is necessary to have more details for some people. Definitely, the best solution is when one has the choice.

    You really need to work on including more details and pictures in your instructables. I myself have no trouble figuring out what you did, however I wouldn't need an instructable for such a simple project any way. Some people come here to learn how to replicate a project and the lack of detail in most of your will be very confusing to some.

    I think it's fine. For such a simple project like this, you don't need many details.