Picture of Balance bike

Full article with more pictures - How do balance bike yourself.

Disassemble my balance bike to win the seat and took photos at the same time for this statement.

So, we need a sheet 12 mm sanded plywood, a set of bolts and studs piece (you can rod) by 6 mm, slice fanerku 4-5mm seating foam of 50 mm and a piece of leather / fabric upholstery seat (I had a sofa fabric) , and of 12 "wheels from the children's bike, but it is better as any wheel from the carriage, because I turned balance bike 4 kg, and from 2.5 - wheel ... like from strollers, would weigh about 3 kg just ...


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Step 1:

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1. Cut plywood parts Balance bike.

First, it turns out that something like rough wooden socks and then this. (After skin, etc.)

The size of the longest piece (sides) - 600 mm. Other details of begovela - proportionally. At the bottom is a link to a photo in a higher resolution, if you wish, you can print, put the net and transfer the drawing on the plywood.

Step 2:

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2. Eat through the deepening of the steering wheel for about 1/3 of the studs.

Step 3:

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3. Eat through the slot in the bottom of the pressure pad on the remaining 2/3 of the studs.

Step 4:

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4. Making the wheel.

First he cut the wheel in the form of an arc. The inner radius, I took more than double the distance to the seat, as his hands are growing out of the spine, and of the arms that have a width of about 25 cm.


Then cut in the steering wheel 2 rectangular groove. Next, cut a wide pad with the letter "P", it cuts through the slot on the 2/3 pins and glue into the slots steering.



Step 5:

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5. Cut the pin along the length of the groove on the steering fork, apply the pad, drill holes and fasten the bottom trim.

Attention! Do not forget to put the pin 2 large washers to reduce friction when you turn the steering wheel.

tvalente made it!4 months ago

Hello everybody. I made it, followed EVGEN steps and improve a little bit. This project it´s great, very accurate. The results are a very beautiful smiles from our daughter´s face. I really recommend.

I changed some detail: I used a 15cm compact pinuswood shelf board instead plywood, it´s easyer to shave but not recommended for adventure boys, maybe 1-3 years old should be fine. The wheels are 9 inch from a industrial cart, with solid tires, it gives a nice ballast and it´s not heavy. A lot of sketches and handkraft, one friday morning to buy the materials and a all holy saturday day long.

Please anyone make comments and any question you want.

Thanks a lot EVGEN.

yugnats tvalente2 months ago


lpinho tvalente2 months ago

Hi tvalente,

is it possible to get the plans that you've made?

Thanks and great build.

evgen_ru (author)  tvalente4 months ago

Very cool!!!!

How mach kilogramms in it?

I recommend to build "stoppers" on the handle (like the photo). It will protect fingers of your daughter then she fail or rice near walls :)

Your bike is very-very cool!!!

PS: We at Russia don't have "compact pinuswood", only woodboard with poor quatily... :-( it's good idea :-)

yugnats2 months ago

A hardware store chain here in Canada sells something similar and I thought about building one (I took pics of it one day when i was in the store and saw it with my son):

lenteichrob2 months ago

Great design, will begin assembling on the weekend. Do you have dimensions for the various pieces (not just relative)??



evgen_ru (author)  lenteichrob2 months ago

No. But you may calculate ones from this grid -

evgen_ru (author)  evgen_ru2 months ago

my blueprint :-)

Mojo_JoJo made it!2 months ago

Thanks for the inspiration... here's the one I made

evgen_ru (author) 1 year ago
I have my drafts only.
This picture have grid 100x100 mm. You may print and repaint this to plywood.
Sorry for my bad English :-)
evgen_ru (author)  evgen_ru3 months ago
altomic10 months ago
awesome. great instructions.
tazier12311 months ago
Good work - nice to see different take on design :o)
abouda11 months ago
Very nice design >>> love it
Eromanga1 year ago
Love the cover photo - looks like he's having the time of his life.
emer_311 year ago
My son will love it.
B00mrang1 year ago
I have been toying with this idea for a while. Thanks for this great instructable. I look forward to next summer as this will be on my TO-DO !
kenbob1 year ago
Great instructable, great pics! And it looks like it delivers the smiles!
very cute design and a wonder toy for children
Very nice design. Do you have any detailed drawing with dimensions? Grandfather type woodworkers should really check out this bike for their grandchild.