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Firstly sorry for the lame instructable post. This is my firstone...

So, I just wanted to share my project..maybe someone think it it is interesting.

I have a beatiful but relatyv small balcony. I tried to use it with standard garden sofas but I can not find any suitable version.

That is why I made my decision: Time to make an own version:-)

Step 1: Structure

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For the structure, I am simple used pallets and beer compartments because it strong, easy and resistant.

Of course the pallets need some grinding and lacquering, but thats all.

Some cut, a bit screw and its done

Step 2: Build

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Fortunatelly the pallets sizes and the beer compartments are equal so not to hard build up what you plane

Step 3: The Surface

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The structure is ready, so it is time to measure.

The whole surface was built from MDF wood because it is strong and cheap. Of course it is wood so also need some lacquering.

Step 4: Assembly

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When the wood surface cut is ready you can assembly the whole sofa.

I am also wanted some light and seat heating (the summer evenings are could be cold), so in this step i need to solder the electronics. For the light I got 7m LED strip and a IP67 12V transformator which was enough for the seat heating as well. (The body of the light is a simple wood branch)

Step 5: Finish

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Polifoam base for the comfort, seat heating (in a cooking bag for the water resist), switches, artificial grass wrap, a small bamboo part for the mug and it is ready


DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2017-07-18

That is awesome! I always wanted to make a "lawn chair" like this.

Thank you so much!:-)

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