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Feathered bald eagle with popsicle stick frame and two hings points for the wings.


Popsicle sticks, tape, straws, string, hot glue, feathers

3D Printer and spray paint for the head.

Don't forget your Creativity!

Anything that just says to attach things refers to hot glue

Step 1: Wings

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Start off with the wings

use a straw to attached two popsicle sticks together.

Bend the straw at the point where the two popsicle sticks meet.

This should create the first hinge point of the wing.

attach two of these together in parallel with half a popsicle stick to add width to the wing.

Step 2:

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After creating a center frame, attach the wings to both sides using straws and duct tape.

Create hinges at the beginning of the wings by folding the straws at that point once again.

At this point each wing should have two functioning hinges

Step 3:

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Add two shoulders to the beginnings of each wing by using small bits of popsicle stick.

Attach the end of each wing to the bottom of the body frame with string

Attach each shoulder to two ends of the same string, and feed the loop through a straw through the body.

Make the frame of a tail by hot gluing more popsicle sticks together.

Step 4:

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Hot glue feathers on to the wings, body, and tail of the eagles frame.

Step 5:

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Finish by attaching a 3d printed eagle head or one of your own creation


seamster (author)2016-05-31

Nicely done! This looks like a great way to make a little eagle model :)

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