Introduction: Balisong Knife (Butterfly Knife) Simple Open

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This is my second ever Instructable, and my first to include video please comment!!!

This Instructable is aimed to teach you how to do a simple open and a simple close with a Balisong Knife.

History: The balisong knife is a unique design among cutlery but there is clashing opinions from all over the world as to its origins. the Phillipenos, French, English, Germans, and Spanish all claim to have been the originators of such a design. but nevertheless the balisong knife is a time honored traditional peice dating back centuries.

Step 1: First the Open...

Picture of First the Open...

1. to perform the open start by holding the closed knife in your dominate hand.

2. unlock the knife

3. flip open the handel exposing the blade

4. rotate loosely in your hand 180 degrees

5. flip blade against back of hand

6. flip back and grab rest of handel

Step 2: Now the Close...

Picture of Now the Close...
1. to perform the close start by holding the open knife in your dominate hand.

2. unlock the knife

3. flip open the handel conceling the blade

4. rotate loosely in your hand 180 degrees

5. flip handle against back of hand

6. flip back and grab rest of handel

esscentially it is the exact same movement as the open
or if you like just watch the video:

Step 3: Please Comment...

Picture of Please Comment...

this is as I said my second instructable and my first to include video please tell me what you think and maby suggestions on how my instructables might improve.


nutsandbolts_64 (author)2010-02-24

Um, "Philipenos" is supposed to be spelled, "Filipinos". It's sort of offensive to me. 

it's not that big of a deal that he misspelled filipinos. As a matter of fact, you shouldn't be offended. At least he mentioned the correct race rather than ignorantly stating "chinese" or whatever lol

lol, but dude, my post is 1 1/2 years old. Besides, if it's spelled that way, it sounds like a pepper (Philipenos - Jalapenos). Now why was I offended again... Meh, I dunno anymore.

now i'm offended. philipenos sounds nothing like jalapenos.

dude. how do you think people from the Netherlands feel. Everyone is calling our country Holland. that's just a small part of our small country. one letter isn't that big of a deal.

zigzagchris (author)2010-02-20

Its illegal if used to injure someone in the us

It's illegal everywhere to use that to injure someone.

Peacedude (author)2010-09-19

Balisong knives actually originated in the Phillipenes, it was used as both a combat knive and a utility one. It is illegal in some states because it is considered a Gravity Knive, like a switchblade. I don´t know why gravity knives are illegal, though...?

Because you can open them faster than a cop can pull his/her gun out.

jamaljj (author)2012-12-03

WOW, what a great article. If you are going to flip, try using a trainer first It is much safer.

Comrade strakovska (author)2012-02-11

That's a filippino balisong made in batangas but that was a great start continue it and thank's alot that's very cool and also your balisong ................................................... thanks ^..^

Mattrox (author)2012-01-09

Wow! So cool! I guess I'm gonna be getting one of them knives!

black hole (author)2011-11-28

Where did you get yours? I'd like to find one like it.

SWV1787 (author)black hole2011-11-28

it was gifted to me by my cousin him and his brother bought it at a flea market in Florida in the 1980's and he felt he had no further need for it...

black hole (author)SWV17872011-11-28

Awww, man! It's really cool.

Clayton H. (author)2009-02-05

Balisong's are really just fancy knives that are used for fancy tricks to amuse your friends at the local pub. Not for any kind of combat. BUT if you want the combat flavor then you want the nice 7"+ knives but that's just illigal and no body wants to get starred down by bubba at the county jail.

I'm not crontridicting SWV's beutifly laid out instructable on how to open a Balison, I'm just sharin' my knowlage.

Toastalicious (author)Clayton H.2011-11-04

It's not just a knife for tricks. It orginated in the phillipines as a general utility knife for farmers and such. Saying it's just for amusement is like calling any other folding knife a toy.

hasmant (author)Clayton H.2009-08-04

acctually they are the some of the best combat knives in the world.

Nuclear Wessels (author)hasmant2010-03-25

I would say that they are useful but not the best. When closed they can be used quite nicely as a bludgeon or to jab into the face to injure someone quite effectively

andi456 (author)Clayton H.2009-07-23

No they were first used somewhere in asia as a normal pocket knife and they just popularized and became illegal for who knows why.

mcheung2 (author)2011-07-28

I'm just curious. in picture #5, you flip the knife to the back of ur hand. couldn't you just flip the swinging handle shut after rotating the knife 180 degrees? or do you need the extra swing to get the handles together

SWV1787 (author)mcheung22011-07-29

The extra swing feels more comfortable to me and gets the knife into position with my fingers out of the way to put the handles together, plus it just looks awesome when you pull it out and swing it around.

knexpimp666 (author)2008-03-09

on wikipedia it says legal in us but i dont know if its legit

R.A.T.M (author)knexpimp6662011-07-23

well it may be ilagle becuse in montana no knife with moving parts can bo over 4in

SWV1787 (author)knexpimp6662008-03-10

I believe that it is legal to have one that is single edged but illegal to have one that is double edged and that you must have a conceal carry permit to carry a knife with a blade measuring over three inches in length. P.S. Wikipedia is the worst thing to ever hit the internet, is is widely accepted as a ligament source of information, but anyone can post an article on it and do not need to even verify their claim. Try using a true encyclopedia it is a lot better.

firemanfu (author)SWV17872008-03-19

as far as i know it is illegal to import them put legal to own i'm not sure about carrying around with you though

Shadowfury (author)firemanfu2009-02-22

US Federal law: You may buy, own, and transport a butterfly knife unless contradicted by state law. You may not import butterfly knives under any circumstance. You may not sell butterfly knives without a license. You may not carry a butterfly knife with you in public areas without a concealed carry permit. California law: You may own and transport a butterfly knife, if you keep it on private property and transport it in a marked case. You may not, under any circumstance, import, export, purchase, or sell a butterfly knife. Just what I've heard. They might get mad at you if you have on in California, but they won't do anything drastic, so long as you do not break any laws. Note: Butterfly knives are not considered switchblades/automatic knives, they are considered "gravity knives" and are dealt with as such.

andi456 (author)Shadowfury2009-07-23

Gravity knives ARE illegal. one reason is because you can get the blade out faster than a cop could pull his gun out.

Shadowfury (author)andi4562009-07-24

I know. I just said that they were illegal.

andi456 (author)SWV17872009-07-23

In washington the length doesnt matter. (it should) double edged knives are illegal here and im pretty sure and knife that you can flick (switch, gravity, or spring assisted) is illegal.

Dvanex (author)SWV17872008-06-27

Put a little faith in humanity. Sure on Wikipedia a few things are wrong but 80-90 percent of the stuff there is good and useful information.

cheeseefungu (author)SWV17872008-06-04

Thats why moderators are there. To moderate.

samakapookie (author)knexpimp6662008-06-29

Butterfly knives aren't illegal in the US but they aren't allowed to be imported any more in the US some of them are now considered switch blades. I know a lot about that stupid law because I sell butterfly knives wholesale.

andi456 (author)samakapookie2009-07-23

In washington they are illegal to carry and sell, but if you keep it at your house the police wont give a crap. its in the RCW's. read it.

anres321 (author)2011-02-28

hey man, after houres of googling I finaly find a website where I can buy a butterfly knife (they are illegal in belgium) they only cost € 7.5 but i'm in doubt which knive I would buy.
which one do you think is the best for beginning ?
I think the black one in the right corner is the most beauthiful but I dont know or it is good for doing tricks, I think the silver 8hole one in the middel is the best one for doing tricks.
I hope you'll answer soon.
btw l love your instructables !! 5*

SWV1787 (author)anres3212011-03-01

I like the black one too, but my only concern is that it looks to be double edged. here in Michigan a double edged butterfly knife is illegal but not the single edged. My primary concern is that if it truly is double edged then to do this open and close the back of the blade sometimes (often) hits your fingers and the double edged doubles (at least) your chances of getting small cuts and scratches. for more advanced tricks or whatever use you may put the knife to a double edge may be nice but I would avoid for just playing with.
Both of the knifes look to be riveted not screwed together which I find nice since I have played with some and the constant shaking from doing tricks and, lets face it, dropping it causes the screws to come loose, fall out, and get lost. Then you've broken your toy and have to repair or replace it.

bowow0807 (author)SWV17872011-05-28

also some sandwich types(ones made from several steel layers pinned together thus the name sandwich) are more dangerous because the are more likely to fall apart and the other one is i think called a solid style(made from a single steel bar with the cavity cut into thus the term solid) and are more likely to last longer

anres321 (author)SWV17872011-03-02

ok :D thank you very much for the advise I think I'll buy the silver one

Paracord Ninja (author)2011-02-17

Awesome dude totally awesome

Ballistaman (author)2010-08-26

Is that a bear and son knife?

instruct0r (author)2008-06-18

you spelled filipinos wrong, but i liked how u did im gonna start spelling it like that now! =] is this thing illegal in california, just wondering, not that i would get one, but maybe make one out of popsicles or something lol.. =]

its illegal in all 50 states

from arizona state law they legal

goeon (author)Jr Hacking kid2008-09-01

except texas

gamerguy314 (author)goeon2008-12-23

of course its not illegal in Texas. Over there you can own as many guns as u can buy no matter what.

goeon (author)gamerguy3142008-12-23

the age to buy fireworks is 12

harley_rly (author)goeon2009-08-21

hell here in oklahoma, you can by fireworks at any age, and we have the most lenient gun laws...i love it here lol....and at gun shows here you can buy rifles with suppressors, switchblades(my brother bought a double-edged bladed switch blade for $20 at a gun show in tulsa), and butterfly knives

goeon (author)harley_rly2009-08-24


hasmant (author)Jr Hacking kid2009-08-04

no there are 3 that allow them

lies. live free or die. NH!!

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