The ball that carries objects. Easy to make if ya got the supplies. You'll need a knife, ball, duct tape, whatever u want to put in side, and a bicycle pump.

Step 1: Make an Incision

Use a knife to make a cut in the ball. The length of the cut varies to the size of the object put in side.

Step 2: Put an Object Inside

Take the ball and put an object into the incision.

Step 3: Duct Tape Over the Incision

Take the ball and put duct tape over the incision. Glue may work but I didn't try it.

Step 4: Blow Up the Ball

Blow up the ball to its normal size.

Step 5: Peel Off the Duct Tape

Peel if the duct tape and take out the object(s).
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Ya exactly
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What am I talking about I'm 11
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Do your parents know you are using a knife? Not safe little buddy. But I love the ball sack.
Obviously your parents weren't watching you.
This so stupid.

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