Ball Machine LIMONIUM Instructions (my Version)





Introduction: Ball Machine LIMONIUM Instructions (my Version)

Hello , my name is mosky and come to bring the ball machine instructions limonium , who built Gargamelknex a while. When trying to build it I realized that the instructions were not clear and decided to make other for anyone who wants to build smoothly.

The design is 90% identical to the original but because he had no clear parts and pieces that I have available, I had to change . I leave the direction of the web of Gargamelknex to visit it . I hope they are to your liking and a greeting.

Step 1: Base

Step 2: White Floor

Step 3: Towers (1)

Step 4: Lift 1

Step 5: Lift 2

Step 6: Towers (2)

Step 7: Ferris Wheel Frame

Step 8: Lift 3

Step 9: Lift 4

Step 10: Lift 5

Step 11: Lift 6

Step 12: Separators and Intermediate Paths

Step 13: Lift 7

Step 14: Path 4

Step 15: Path 1

Step 16: Path 2

Step 17: Path 3

Step 18: Path 5

Step 19: Path 6



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    Can someone give me a piece count please or at least skim through it and estimate!!! Drill: ==|////////////>

    5 replies

    Doing a pice count right now...

    Can you post the parts count? Thanks!

    i got 3/4 way done and I was keeping track on my computer and it crashed. So I lost it and I'm probably not going to do it again for a while. So sorry!

    That is okay. I'm going to make one after I take the machine apart. It may take a while because I have to order some pieces.

    There are about 2330 green rods! XD

    Can you use the box-shaped motors instead of the tethered ones?

    Cool! I think I'm going to make it! :)

    This is beyond amazing that you made instructions for this

    HI! Great instructions for my ballmachine! I hope to make my instructions better for my next ballmachine.

    And, I will give you a patch.

    INCREDIBLE JOB IT IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Wow, it's amazing you made such clear instructions for such a large ball machine! Great job!