Instructions for making a portable variable impact ball targeting system with light and audio feedback

Problem Statement
The cREATe target was created specifically for an Adapted Physical Education teacher, Mr. David Martinez and his students. The target needed to be able to provide sufficient audio and visual feedback to stimulate the senses of his students of all ages while also being large enough to allow multiple functions for Mr. Martinez to use the target with the students. The target also needed a way to hang upright on a pull up bar, bleachers, or basketball hoop. However, because Mr. Martinez travels frequently by car from school to school, the target had to be lightweight and small enough, without sacrificing the size of the target, to carry and fit inside of his jeep. The target also needed to have power supply.

The cREATe students designed a target with LED emitter/detector sensors and eventually used 31” IR distance sensors that were connected in circuit withIkea Diode Light Strips and an MP3 trigger. These IR triggers sensed when the IR beam was broken and activated a timer and a random number generator that switched on the lights and music for ten seconds. The frame was made out of 80/20 1010 T-slotted Aluminum Extrusions because it was light but sturdy. The dimension of the frame was 34” x 36” which was just large enough so that the 31” distance sensors only needed to be placed on one side of the target since the balls were larger than the 3” dead spot distance.

Step 1: Materials Needed:

Part (part #, amount, size)
1010 T-slotted Aluminum Extrusions (1010, 4, 36 inches)
Economy T-nuts (3275, 4, N/A)
Double Economy T-nuts (3281, 4, N/A)
Button Head Socket Cap Screw (3063, 60, N/A)
80/20 Four Hole Joining Plate (4150, 2, N/A)
2 Hole Standard Transition Inside Corner Bracket (3321, 2, N/A)
Outer Protection Cart Guard Covers (2857, 1, 160 inches)
Cart Guard Bolting Kits (3486, 25, N/A)
Cart Guard Mounting Base (2854, 1, 160 inches)
Cart Guard Corners (2867, 4, N/A)
Carabiner (2, N/A, N/A)
All purpose rope ( 2, N/A, N/A)
Hook assortment pack (4, N/A, N/A)

Part (amount, link)
Sharp GP2Y0D02YK IR Sensor - 31" Trigger (2, www.hobbyengineering.com/H1760.html )
Cable for Sharp 3-Pin IR Sensors for Breadboarding (2, www.hobbyengineering.com/H1183.html )
Housing for sensor (2, N/A)
Button Head Socket Cap Screw (4, N/A)
Double Economy T-nuts (2, N/A)

Part (amount, part #, size)
1.75" Seat belt (14, N/A, 35.5 inches)
Electrical Tape (optional for design)
Economy T-nuts (12, 3275, N/A)
Double Economy T-nuts (2, 3281, N/A)
Button Head Socket Cap Screw (16, 3063, N/A)


• MP3 Trigger (1x, www.sparkfun.com/commerce/product_info.php?products_id=9715 ) Estimated $49.95
• Circuit Board (RadioShack – 2x Dual General-Purpose IC PC Board Model: 276-159, 1x Multipurpose PC Board with 417 Holes Model: 276-150, $1.99 ea.)
• Micro SD Card (1x, N/A)
• Dioder Lighting Strip (2x, www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/50119407 ) Estimated $40.00
• 12 V Transformer (1x, N/A)
• Resistors (12 kOhm, 40 mOhm, 300 Ohm, 1kOhm, 10MOhm)
• Capacitors (0.01 uF, 0.1 uF)
• Transistors (NPN) 9x, (less than $1/ each)
• Dual Timer Estimated (LM 556) ($0.68 - $1/ each)
• Logic OR gate (HD7432) 1x ( $0.60/ each)
• Logic AND gate (SN5408) 2x,
• Octal Counter (CD4022B) 1x ($0.99/ each)
• Relay (capable of switching 115V AC) 1x
• 5V Voltage Regulator 1x
• IR Sensor (2x, Sharp, $16.99/ each) (www.hobbyengineering.com/H1760.html)

Part (amount, part #)
0 Degree Pivot Nub (4, 4187)
6 Hole Joining Plate (2, 3321)
1010 T-slotted Aluminum Extrusions (4, 1010)
Congrats, this is a great story and a very inspiring project, especially the way you carefully addressed so many different requirements. It's easy to see the thought and effort you put into it and it's great to see such positive feedback as a result.
This is a very cool project with detailed instructions, but I think a video of it in action would go a long way in showing how it works. Pretty please?
Thanks! We where thinking of posting a video or placing a link to youtube. We wanted to demonstrate the device when used by the students we designed it for. We are still working on it and hope it will be posted soon.
I am very grateful to the CAETA lab and cREATe students of Georgia Tech for designing and building a very effective piece of equipment for my students with various disabilities. As an adapted physical educator, I need to individualize instruction and frequently modify equipment that allow for successful physical education experiences. <br>What makes this piece of equipment unique is the positive and immediate feedback it provides my student with when they are successful. For example, when a student kicks a ball through the target, it will immediately light up and play popular songs (or positive sound effects). I have the ability to add or remove songs and/or sound effects from the MP3 player by simply accessing the SD card (how innovative and useful). This is a great feature because it allows me to add meaningful audio feedback specific to the student using the device. When my students&rsquo; motivation levels are high they are more likely to stay on task and repeat a skill multiple times. <br>Another great feature is the target&rsquo;s ability to be wall mounted at various heights or free standing on the floor. If mounted on the wall, students can practice a variety of throwing skills while using various objects (e.g., tennis balls, foam balls, foam footballs, Frisbees, etc.). I have also successfully used the device with my Special Olympians to practice their tennis striking skills. <br>When mounted on the floor my students can reinforce their ramp rolling skills (sport skill specific to ramp bowling), kicking skills, hockey striking skills, etc. <br>Finally, the device fits nicely in the back of my Jeep Patriot. The CATEA Lab even equipped it with a handy carrying strap. This is a nice feature because I travel to several schools a day. <br>Submitted by: <br>Dave Martinez, CAPE <br>Nationally Certified Adapted Physical Educator and Special Olympics Coordinator &ndash; Cherokee County, GA <br>
Very, very nice. I originally thought this was constituted for football, but this can work for soccer, golf, and baseball too.<br>
Thank you, <br> <br>We designed this especially for throwing and kicking practice. It goes with any sports that involve trowing and kicking. Music will motivate kids to try again and again. <br> <br> <br> <br>
Karate ?

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