Ball of Death: or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Apple Pro Speakers

Picture of Ball of Death: or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Apple Pro Speakers
 I've always said that since disposing of the "beige box", Apple has always led in the industrial design area. The integration of form and function can't be touched by any other manufacturer in any industry (Porsche comes close). It's a shame to clog up landfills with something attractive and durable just because it's original use is moot.

For this instructable you will need (ideally):
Apple Pro Speakers
2 beers
a 12v motor with a shaft diameter not bigger than 1/8" and a housing no deeper than 2" (The ideal motor should have 3 or 6 threaded holes on the output side. The one I used was a samsung capstan motor from a trashed video deck. The most important things are the threaded holes)
Wire cutters
a rubber band
a big nail
super glue, or really, really good glue, let's not get too high on ourselves now
a reamer-like file (I used an old phillips screwdriver, I had time to kill)
bolts that fit the threaded holes on your motor
a 9-volt battery
a 9-volt battery connector with useable leads (see parts source in the next item)
on-off switch (destroy one of your, or your friends' children's battery-powered toys - they need to use their imagination more anyway!)
soldering iron (or you could forgo the switch and soldering iron and just twist everything together)
a wheel from the toy you busted up - minimum diameter 1 3/4"
1 bottlecap leftover from your Laptop stand from 4 bottlecaps
3 nails or other hard, metal, pointy things
3 arms
lwood161 year ago
What does it do other from look a certain way and recycle a hunk of plastic?
macpower (author) 5 years ago
It does absolutely nothing more than keeping a chunk of plastic out of the ground, reinventing the concept of the toy "top", and recycling Apple products.

I love the design of Apple products and it's a shame to have a big plastic ball that's kinda pretty just sitting around doing nothing. The same could be said about a big plastic cube as well (see pic).
 It would be awesome if that tissue box would charge and play your iPod.
By any chance: Do you have a spare squre ADB mouse, in any condition? Cheers
macpower (author)  Max Headroom5 years ago
 Sorry MH. This was my last one. When it fried I promised to give it new life. The 20-sec recorder from the Shack (gag) fit great.
w00t ._.5 years ago
 what does it do?

macpower (author)  w00t ._.5 years ago
 Keeps a chunk o' plastic out of the Earth (and in my apartment where it seems to belong).

Keeps a 40 year old father of 2 entertained.

Keeps my restless hands busy for the duration of 2 beers.

Further demonstrates my love of Apple products.

Gives me another thing to stick an LED into in the future. CRAP! I knew I forgot something! Pics or video of the BALL OF DEATH for the nocturnally visually impaired will be on their way shortly!) - Thanks w00t!  
geekazoid5 years ago
 awww...  the movie didn't work, only the sound...
macpower (author)  geekazoid5 years ago
 .mov works best in Quicktime. Download it from Apple and give it a go.

If that doesn't work....
1 sec. - I turn it on.
3 sec. - I turn it on it's side and it flops around in a circle until it settles in an upright position at about 6 seconds.
7 sec. - I invert it completely and set it spinning again. This time it stays spinning through the remaining 5 seconds.

There, now you don't need to see it. :)
yokozuna5 years ago
So sir, what exactly is the function of your motorized ball of death?
macpower (author)  yokozuna5 years ago
 see above. ^
ERCCRE1235 years ago
Is the title a Dr.Strangelove reference?
macpower (author)  ERCCRE1235 years ago
 Yup. Great movie. No comment on the Honeymooners reference?
actually, i don't know what honeymooners is, my friend just told meabout Dr.Strangelove last week and i watched it 3 days ago.
 yep since the tittle is Dr Strangelove: Or how i learned to stopworrying and love the bomb. Great movie! (random fact: Oddly renamed toRed telephone?: we're flying to moscow in mexico. a true WTF?)