My cheap crossbow broke, so I decided to make a wooden one using the left over parts (limb, trigger mechanism and foot stirrup) that could fire marbles or ball bearings by having a top barrel so the bearing doesn't jump out.this is my first instructable and im also writing this in hindsight; meaning i've already made it. this is more of a guide to the layout not strict instructionWARNINGIf you plan on making one of these you should treat it as a normal crossbow. NEVER POINT IT AT ANOTHER PERSON OR LIVING THING!I made this for target practice and for fun but a ball bearing could be potentially lethal! obviously bear in mind that power tool and hand tools can cause harm so work safe! I take no responsability for any damage or injury sustained by making and using one of these!

Step 1:

So first of all you'll need some wood, I used sapele because I had some but you could use most hardwoods (bear in mind it will be under a lot of stress from the bow being in tension and then released so go for something sturdy like ash or beech if you can) the stock needs to include the distance the bowstring is drawn back, a handle or grip and the butt which is normally the lenght of your forearm.

Also this looks grate
How fast do the ball bearings go??
Thanks for the feedback guys :-) next instructable probably wont be as dangerous!
<p>Reminds me of that Macaulay Culkin movie, The Good Son. Very neat.</p>
Wow. I love this. I made a similar crossbow when I was about ten or eleven, from plans in the Book of Knowledge Encyclopedia. Great memories. Thank you.

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