Introduction: Ballerina Indoor Shoe Sewing Pattern

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...with hidden inside seams, perfect for indoor shoes or job slippers or even as a wedding shoes.

Step 1: Watch This Video

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If you plan to make them for yourself or for your girlfriend... then go to this link and you could get the pattern for them.

Thanks for watching. Mik a.k.a. Tutorial Girl


Wolfbane221 (author)2014-05-28

These are cool. But wouldn't this violate section 13 of the autodesk terms of use policy as advertising? It would be better if you embedded the youtube link in it :) here is the youtube link for anyone curious

miklavcic (author)Wolfbane2212014-05-28

I didn't say you need to use my pattern, but hey you could use the assembling technique that I did show you on this video. I don't see the problem.
Just the process of sewing is interested and hey if I could found it before I wouldn’t do all the work with editing and all that.
And yes, I did use my pattern, because I’m the designer, and also because this shoes are just basic ballet shoes with pointy toe; noting new and unusual. I did just like the idea to have indoor slipper that have a little elegance in it.

Wolfbane221 (author)miklavcic2014-05-28

It was just a question if it did. Anyway, they look good!

These are super cute!

craftclarity (author)2014-05-27

I'd sure love to see a step-by-step of these.

miklavcic (author)craftclarity2014-05-27

could see how they are made in the video, and step by step is written with
photos on my pattern. The pattern is made for 36 to 42 EU size.

PS pattern instructions are made for all three version of this shoes.

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