I'm in cleaning mode, so I've been separating everything I own into things I want and things I don't anymore. These shoes almost landed in the dreaded Pile Two, and then I got this cute (and absurdly girlie) little idea for them!

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Step 1: Materials

  • pair of flats (new or pre-loved)
  • four large jump rings
  • scissors
  • fire (lighter or a candle)
  • at least four beads (optional)
  • lightweight ribbon
  • skewer, drill, or sharp-tipped pliers
AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) <br>I REALLY WANT TO MAKE THESE :) <br>So cute!
How pretty! And super easy too. :D
Thanks, Jessy!
Sweet, I love these! <br>
Thanks so much, Carol! They're super, super easy to make!

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