Step 3: Melt it down

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Once chilled and hydrated, the gelatin needs to be melted down. Setting the gelatin over a pan of water will suffice. While the gelatin is melting it should also be stirred properly to reduce the amount of air getting trapped in the gelatin.
Does this mean adding water or using a double boiler?
adding water
you add water?!
trker The Wolf4 years ago
no don't add water
no, it means like a double boiler setup. otherwise you wind up with runny gelatin. you just want to melt what is there without burning the gelatin to the pan.
kaitheninja4 years ago
Woah kinda freaky i have to melt mine down at the exact same time as the picture two years later!
msmart19994 years ago
how long
Briterican6 years ago
Two pans, one with gelatin, one with water. The pan with water goes on stove and is heated. The pan with gelatin goes in the pan with water so it too is heated without burning the gelatin.
ok it goes like this-1st get your gelitan, fill pan with some water, not to much,then put gelitan on top of pan with water in it.stir accashonally.
I am confused do I use the stove or just put the jelly in a bowl of water