Step 3: Melt it down

Once chilled and hydrated, the gelatin needs to be melted down. Setting the gelatin over a pan of water will suffice. While the gelatin is melting it should also be stirred properly to reduce the amount of air getting trapped in the gelatin.
<p>what is the over all cost of this recipe?</p>
<p>just about $5</p>
<p>Is there any way to melt/reuse this ballistic gel? Or is it a one shot thing?</p>
<p>Yes, just put it back in the mold, microwave it, and chill it and its good as new</p>
<p>To save those too lazy to read, Knox gelatin is edible ( used to make jigglers when a kid 2 packs reg jello 1 pack know, pour in tray and you have very very jiggly jello you can cut and eat) ...anyway this is a good way to test loads but pretty wasteful as targets since it will only last a few rounds</p>
Nice pics! how long will the gel retain its shape outside of the fridge? If left overnight or for a couple days after setup, will it still be functional? <br>Thanks
does it go off...
&nbsp;what? its made for ballistic testing, you know like shooting at it.
yeah, depends where you live and where you place it.
Will it melt once it's finished?
lol, when i see this stuff, i think, bad breast implants.... maybe thats me, but I don't know what I would use mine for, maybe a punching bag..
thinking about sex, the RealDoll uses silicon, maybe ballistic gel can do the work.
It will melt at body or even room temperature. When used in a ballistics test it is always used cold, as per Myth Busters.
LOL ahh mythbusters. you just gotta love that show
I'm crazy bout them! XD
When in doubt, C4.
&quot;I reject your reality and substitute my own.&quot;
whatever f;oats ya boat
mine didnt melt i shot it like 5 times at like 100 degrees
Well, since you mentioned sex, Don't keep it around for too long. I had some gelatin made thick like this which I made a mold out of ( for casting) after it sat around for a couple months in a plastic container, it went back to liquid and smelled exactly like a used rubber that got lost under the bed for a couple weeks. Yummy!!!
it does melt by the way
melt as in using double broiler? or adding water?
double boiler. as i commented somewhere before if you add water it wont be thick enough and if you dont use a double boiler you will scorch the gelatin.
can you use flavord jello<br>
pleez answer<br>
It doesn't work as well if you do, Knox is the best to use. You can add a little food coloring if you wish.
thanks <br> <br> <br> <br>
I wonder if this would work in a waterbed. This stuff is very useful!!
I know this is an old instructable, but i think if you add something like tea tree oil, which is an antibacterial, it should make it last longer.<br>
Nice job with ballistic gel. I found a crystal clear pre-made ballistic gel block from ballistekgel.com. The stuff is great, I shot it multiple times and I could still have kept shooting it if I wanted. Didn't fall apart like the knox gelatine. It was a little more but I didn't have my wife made at me for making a mess in the kitchen. Just thought I would pass it on.
how long should i put it in the frige for?
put it in the fridge for about 4-5 hours. sorry for being late.
Does this mean adding water or using a double boiler?
adding water
you add water?!
no don't add water<br>
no, it means like a double boiler setup. otherwise you wind up with runny gelatin. you just want to melt what is there without burning the gelatin to the pan.
So, is this technically edible? Maybe not the best tasting, but is it edible? Would it be possible to remelt it after you use it and re-mold it into something else? Or like people have said the bacteria will get to it eventually.
I always figured that Ballistic Gel was some kind of specially formulated thing that was only available to forensic labs or the police departments...
well, ballistics gel is actually a specially formulated substance that mimics the human skin extremely well. but this is a cheaper alternative that works just as well. the only downside, is this can spoil, ballistic gel (that you see on mythbusters) cannot
Add red food coloring to get the flesh color! lol
Wow, this is awesome! I see this on Mythbusters all the time, but I always assumed it would be a lot harder to make. Thanks for sharing!

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