Ballistic Knife Pen


Introduction: Ballistic Knife Pen

Step 1: Materials

•a pilot G2 pen
•a cutting tool(saw)
•a spring(optional)
•a paper clip(optional)

Step 2: Take the Cap Off

Take the cap off and all the pieces including the spring, if the button that you push doesn't fall out you can use the back of the ink cartridge to push it out

Step 3: Put the Button Back In

Put the button back in like normal

Step 4: Put the Spring In

Step 5: Put the Catch In

Step 6: Cut the Cap

You want the ink cartridge to fit through easily

Step 7: Push the Button to Fire

To load push the ink cartridge into the pen until it catches

Step 8: Notes*

Does not go far
Doesn't hurt
Takes some practice for accuracy



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    4 Discussions

    Weird and cool, nice job

    @nerfrocketeer that's a cool idea, I'll test it with an extra pen I have!

    Nice job! Try cutting a hole in the top. That way you can make a BB gun!

    This was my first instruct able, please tell me how I can improve on others!