Yet another creative way to remove a loose tooth.  This one has all the good stuff - guns, explosions, pain, blood, re-purposed power tools, and a cute girl.
This is pure creativity! I don't know if my <a href="http://www.12thavenuedental.com/about_us.htm" rel="nofollow">dentist in Calgary</a> would approve, but it's still awesome!
This will be a great part of <a href="http://www.doctorben.ca/" rel="nofollow">dentist surrey</a> for future reference.
Wow. Well, I can't say that that is a &quot;good&quot; idea, but man is it awesome and creative.
Genious...PLAIN GENIOUS!!! How did you come up with this idea?
Cool Beans
HOLY JESUS! Brilliant!<br>How bad did it hurt?<br>I bet stomp rockets would do it too.<br>Hmmmm.
It didn't hurt at all. She was surprised that the tooth was out. The tooth was very loose to begin with. I was actually surprised it hadn't fallen out weeks earlier while she was eating or something.

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