Picture of Ballistic Upgrade for Canadian Forces
Step by step pictures for installing Ballistic upgrades for the Canadian Forces helmet.
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Step 1: Removing Chin strap

Locate the three screws holding on chinstrap, and use a small flat head screw driver to remove them.

Step 2: Removing helmet innards

Picture of Removing helmet innards
Remove brown sweatband by undoing Velcro and sliding it out.

Next remove the harness, and then remove the foam center piece.

once everything is out, CLEAN THE INSIDE EXTREMELY WELL!!! 

Step 3: Installing pads

Picture of Installing pads
I used chalk to out line where I wanted the pads to go. 

Once you know where you want them install the velcro strips or circles (I ran out of velcro so I just taped the center piece until tomorrow when I can install it!).


Screw in the Chin strap, and try it on!!

Use velcro strips to cam cover/scrim nets.

So is this a surplus helmet or one that you were issued?
Miauriel181 (author)  masterpython4 years ago
Issued. The whole process too 20 min roughly. To put back the original pieces would take roughly just a bit longer, so this isn't permanent.
So, let say you get injured. They inspect your kit to evaluate what happened and see this MOD, you wont be covered. Accidents happened anywhere. you won't necessarily be able to switch the inside.
Won't be covered by what?
When you get injured in the canadian forces, there is a possibility you get a money payout veterans affairs. But...don't expect to received one if you are wearing modified or not-approved equipment.
this is quiet cool dude
snova5144 years ago
If you actually want this to protect your head you absolutely should not ditch the suspension system. Adding foam padding is fine for comfort but it the protection it offers to blunt trauma is minuscule in comparison to a proper suspension system.
sdtacoma4 years ago
I am a little confused. Are those just foam pads that are installed into the helmet for comfort or are they special bullet stopping pads? I know the ible is titled "Ballistic Upgrade fro Canadian Forces" but nowhere in the instructions does it say what those pads are; where he got them, etc...

Maybe I missed something?
You're right, those are just some foam pads. Some guys in my regiment use them, it doesn't change anything about the stopping power of the kevlar, it's just a comfort thing.
MethylPox4 years ago
I bought a kit for the PASGT on ebay.
Parabola9494 years ago
Nice... I still have an old helmet (US Army).. when I wish issued a helmet, I got the same type as this old one. Sweat band in the front... highly uncomfortable. But back in boot camp I had one with the pad system... go figure. Pad system is much more comfortable.. in fact, I think I still have the pads for it somewhere... I'll have to try this.
0jack4 years ago
Really clever. It looks so much safe and more comfortable that way. Because I'm infinitely curious-- are these upgrades being done on other helmets or on new issues and they're just not re-issuing helmets?

And, from another Canadian, thanks for your service.
AE89944 years ago
This modification is very similar to issued helmets worn by US military. Well done. I really appreciated the changes to my helmet versus the previous issued equipment. I also appreciated being able to remove the pads and wash them. I don't know what Canadian military regs require, but I think this is a very nice upgrade.
nelliott4 years ago
Isn't this modification of issued kit?, if your injured while using modified kit don't put it in the CF98. lesson learned.
Miauriel181 (author)  nelliott4 years ago
Ya I wouldnt dare. Although, I do keep my insides with me in the field
strider37004 years ago
You learn the strangest things on here.

Thanks for your service
frollard4 years ago
Forgive me, but what is the purpose of this 'upgrade'? Are the original pieces thrown away? Where do you source the 7 pads?
I believe this provides better impact resistance than a static strap system. These will also not change over time with added sweat / heat like a standard strap system can.
Comfort. I have never worn this helmet but its similar to the old PASGT helmet. After a while the straps and cords on the inside dig into your head.
I have an ACH and it has a pad system like this.

You can get the pads on line but a kit will cost about 60 USD
sockeye1014 years ago
I'll have to remember this one...