Picture of Ballistic pen
This project was inspired by the real life ballistic knife.Herehow you how to make it out of a simple Pilot g2 pen. Since it looks like a regular pen, it can be used for all sorts of pranks. DO NOT aim at face or living things. I will not be held responsible for anything that happens.

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Step 2: First piece

Picture of first piece
2011-05-20 16.00.42.jpg
Take this piece and put it down the pen

Step 3: Ink cartridge

Picture of Ink cartridge
insert the ink cartridge

Step 5: The second piece

the second piece of the pen will be used to shoot the ballistic pen. Use it as ahown in the picture. It may slip off but you will get used to it eventually.

Step 6: Have fun

After you know how to manage the last step you can shoot it like a pro. Remember, it takes skill.