Yes this is actual ballistics gel just like the mythbusters use
Knox brand unflavored gelitan-1 box
a cup or tupperware - 2 of them

and some watter - about a cup

Step 1:

Pour two packets of gelitan into the cup or tupperware
<p>could you use this to make tens machine gel pads</p>
How mutch water would I need if I only had 12 grams of the mix<br>
<strong>I love mythbusters but I agree with Blacksmith Spader.I still wouldn't do it unless it were to save my life.</strong><br>
I thought Mythbusters said to not try this at home!!!
right, but at the same time, we all know that they really mean... &quot;DON'T TRY THE ONES THAT WE KNOW WILL KILL YOU... at home.&quot; They just show us what to expect first... I love that show...
yes, it is water based so it will desolve if it comes in to contact with liqids
yes if it is not cold it could melt. when u r not using it just put it in the fridge<br />
who cares

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