Picture of Ballistics Gel

Yes this is actual ballistics gel just like the mythbusters use
Knox brand unflavored gelitan-1 box
a cup or tupperware - 2 of them

and some watter - about a cup
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Step 1:

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Pour two packets of gelitan into the cup or tupperware

Step 2:

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mesure 3 quarters of a cup of water and pour it into the gelitan and slowly stir try not to make air bubbles

Step 3:

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put stirred gelitan into fridge for 3 to 4 hours, when it comes out it should be solid and feel like jello but harder

Step 4:

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let the tub with gel still in it sit in hot water so that it melts the gel you should do this for about fifteen to twenty minuites
while waiting coat second container with cooking spray

Step 5:

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pour molten gellitan into second container being sure not to form air bubbles  then set into the fridge for at least 12 hours

Step 6:

Have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!www.youtube.com/watch special thanks to styropyro for creating this video 
moore21123 years ago
How mutch water would I need if I only had 12 grams of the mix
agfawkes4 years ago
I love mythbusters but I agree with Blacksmith Spader.I still wouldn't do it unless it were to save my life.
agfawkes5 years ago
I thought Mythbusters said to not try this at home!!!
right, but at the same time, we all know that they really mean... "DON'T TRY THE ONES THAT WE KNOW WILL KILL YOU... at home." They just show us what to expect first... I love that show...
glenev135 years ago
yes, it is water based so it will desolve if it comes in to contact with liqids
kadenromero (author) 5 years ago
yes if it is not cold it could melt. when u r not using it just put it in the fridge
seabananers5 years ago
who cares