This is a cake pop design I put together when I asked myself how I would arrange cake pops to tell a story. As you can see, a girl is soaring among balloons. I used a stencil created from a Bansky design for the child. The cake pops I designed after first browsing the internet for ideas. They are supposed to represent balloons. Enjoy!

Step 1: Chocolate Dipped

For these cake pops, I first dipped them in a layer of chocolate before adding an elaborate design. First, the chocolate was melted. Then, I added drops of food coloring to small batches of it. I positioned to cake pops on barbeque spears and then dipped them in the melted chocolate. I was pleasantly surprised at how they already resembled balloons. After applying the first coat allow time for them to cool and harden.

Step 2: Final Design

In this step I used a quickly made pipet to apply semi-sweet chocolate in different designs. I also made a stencil and painted semi-sweet chocolate onto one of the white chocolate covered cake pops.
Very pretty!
They are cute.
They're so pretty! The really ornate ones are especially lovely.

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