Picture of Balloon Gun
in this instructable i will show you how to make a balloon gun.


•disposable water bottle
•somethin' to shoot

Step 1: Cut the bottle

Picture of cut the bottle
Cut the bottle, try to get as close to the tip as you can, make sure there are no sharp edges or the balloon might get cut later on...
azbud2 years ago
Thank you so much! while looking for my balloons, i found my missing wallet!
Why is everyone saying you cant bleed?i just am bleeding by it just now!
How can you bleed when you get hit by a nerd candy
It dosent make sense you cant bleed!!
beba173 years ago
this is not new 2 me this is what me nd my bro used to use to kill doves and birds...there was an infection of birds in the town i live and the government decided to kill some so we helped =) but nice tutorial now i can show this 2 ppl instead of me explaining =)
_woodman_3 years ago
the text in the smaller box is "lala"

thanks for the challenge
You won the bet, didn't he every body?
parafoil4 years ago
Not clear on how to shoot the ammo?
I'm guessing you shot your ammo like its a rubber band?
Hold the side of the bottle top and pull back on the balloon.
Seems like this could be fun with a larger version to shot paint balls
Maybe using a Gatorade bottle top....
popcorn4lunch (author)  parafoil4 years ago
ya u are right, you just pull the balloon back while holding the bottle top with another hand.
it works good with a Gatorade bottle top also. :-)
Yeah, I think I'll use the gatorade b/c them little things HURT!!!
Plo Koon4 years ago
why wouldn't you just use rubber bands instead?
popcorn4lunch (author)  Plo Koon4 years ago
you could, but you might as well use all of the balloon.
shebden14 years ago
my kids make something similar with toilet rolls, and, yes, they DO HURT!!!
popcorn4lunch (author)  shebden14 years ago
ya, I've made those before too. just as painful, but dont hold up as long.
Post d pics of it
twsimpson4 years ago
But how are you supposed to use the gun?
i assume you put something in it, like a small pebble, and pinch it like you would a sling shot, pull back and release.

I have seen larger scale models with the same concept when i looked up "how to make an airsoft gun" and it worked the same way.
i love fredfred burger!!!!!!! im following you. i like your cheese
my cheese? :)
i like your work too. i didnt think this thing hurt so i made one and shot myself in the foot with it... it hurts :)
ya, i didnt think it would hurt at first either, but it does! try shooting some sand out of it, NOT AT FACES! :)