A very simple balloon powered car for kids, made only out of few waste materials.

Step 1: Parts List


1. A Cardboard (30 cm x 15 cm)

2. Straw

3. Rubber Band

4. Balloon

5. Hot Glue Gun

Step 2: Procedure

1. Make the markings on the cardboard as seen in image and cut along the solid marked lines.

After cutting along the solid lines, we get a nice base for the car.

2. Now, to make the wheels, cut 8 circles of about 4 cm diameter from a piece of cardboard

3. Using Hot Glue, paste two circles over one another to give thickness to the wheels and make 4 such pieces.

4. Also, apply glue carefully on the edges and smooth it out to provide rubber like grip to the wheels.

5. Now, make a hole in the center of each wheel.

6. Using a straw and a wood stick, make 2 wheel axle for the car.

7. Insert the stick in the wheel and apply some hot glue on the surface.

8. Now, cut both the straws at about 14 cm in length.

9. Insert the straw and fit the other wheel as well, make two such pieces.

10. Paste both the wheel axles on the car base, such that the wheels are in centre of the slits.

11. Take a small balloon, a piece of straw and a rubber band.

12. Insert the straw in the balloon and secure it at the place with the help of rubber band.

13. Attach the Balloon mechanism at the centre of the car base using Hot glue.

Step 3: Test Drive

Inflate the balloon and leave the car in the open space.

The wind exits out so fast through the nozzle that it gives forward thrust to the car, thus making it to move.

So Friends, this completes the instructable, make one yourself for the kids and see them enjoy and have fun.

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Thanks and All the best..:)

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