Picture of Balloon Puppy
This is a step by step tutorial on how to create a balloon puppy.
These easy to make balloon puppies are great to make for carnivals and parties.

This tutorial requires special twisting balloons and a pump to inflate them.
The balloons can be found at most local party supply stores.
Any hand pump will suffice to inflate the balloons.

Step 1: Inflate the Balloon

Picture of Inflate the Balloon
Leaving 3-4 inches at the end, inflate the balloon.

A pump must be used to inflate the balloon properly. Failure to use a pump can cause fatigue and dizziness

wow! how did u do this its really cool!!!!!!!!!!!! and it was soo cool i even made it!!!

Phoenix Flare11 months ago
ToddisI5 years ago
Nice instructable man, u should show how to make other things...
the best
Even though I've known how to do this for a while, you've explained it a lot better than I could have. Great job.
can you make a balloon penguin?
Balloon penguin...probably not. I only knew how to do a dog and an octopus. I've never even seen a balloon penguin. Can you make one?
There's a brilliant balloon modelling book (who's name I forget, but it comes in English/Italian). Make a penguinn, snail, roadrunner. You can make pretty much *anything* out of balloons.

Lovely pictoral instructable. Don't forget the bobble tail by sucking hard on the uninflated bit of tail. The pressure difference created by sucking is what inflates the tail.
Vynash6 years ago
Easy lol I knew how to make them since I was 6 and only saw one at a party. nice instructions.