Balloon Wall-Art - Make Things As You Like




Introduction: Balloon Wall-Art - Make Things As You Like

Wall art is one of the simplest and cost efficient ways to bring your old boring walls to life. Also, it's the best way to keep yourself occupied when you're free and want to do something useful in your spare time.

In this Instructable, I'm going to show you how to make cool colorful wall art using recycled CDs.

Step 1: Craft Requirements

For this Instructable you will need

  1. Old CDs
  2. Crafting Paper
  3. A pair of scissors
  4. Glue
  5. Ruler

Step 2: #1 Mark * Cut * Glue

  1. Clean the CD with a piece of cloth, so that there is no residue on it.
  2. Take the CD and place it on the color paper, Outline using pencil or markers.
  3. Then glue the CD and paste it over the CD (make sure you spread the glue evenly while sticking them together).
  4. At last cut out the remaining portion of the paper.

Step 3: #2 Mark * Cut * Glue

Repeat the steps for all the CDs and make sure you try out different colors. It all depends on number of balloons you needed.

Step 4: Few More

Once you have got the colorful circular disks stick them on to your wall in a pattern of your choice.

Step 5: Make It FLY

  1. Cut some wool.
  2. Stick them behind to the CDs.
  3. Repeat it for all the CDs.
  4. Knot all the wool at one end, that makes the CDs look as they are flying.

Step 6: The Detailing

And there you have it your recycled CD Balloon Wall-Art is complete.



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