A powerful, simple, and reasonably accurate "office weapon". DANGEROUS!!!!!

Step 1: Step 1- the MATERIALS!!!!

You need:
- A standard party sized balloon
- AN empty scotch tape roll, a short and wide pipe scrap watever.. any short tube with the width about the opening of a scotch tape roll
- Masking tape (Electrical works best)

See? only 3 items! easy enough!
very good bet this is very useful and...try mixing potassium nitrate and sugar together and put italong with matchstick heads on a paper and throw it at your neighbors...
If u subscribe to me i will subscribe to u.<br>
:D it go boomboom?<br>
hmm? wat do u mean?
@ lucariothelegend he means boomboom in firing the gun
Be carful with that it leaves welts
yeah i no im not stupid. I use it as an &quot;assassin's gun&quot; for airsoft wars.
i meaaannz explosive peas?:D
ummm i dont use explosives but i use gobstoppers and airsoft pellets (plastic)

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