Picture of Balloon and tape roll
A powerful, simple, and reasonably accurate "office weapon". DANGEROUS!!!!!
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Step 1: Step 1- The MATERIALS!!!!

Picture of Step 1- The MATERIALS!!!!
You need:
- A standard party sized balloon
- AN empty scotch tape roll, a short and wide pipe scrap watever.. any short tube with the width about the opening of a scotch tape roll
- Masking tape (Electrical works best)

See? only 3 items! easy enough!

Step 2: Step 2- Building it

Picture of Step 2- Building it
Cut off the neck of the balloon so there is the large bottom left. Stretch it over opening of barrel, and make it go about halfway up. then, carefully apply masking tape- 2 times around the part where the balloon ends on the barrel, careful not to let the tape go onto the part of the balloon not on the barrel, or go off the barrel.

Step 3: Step 3- UR DONE! Ammunition

Picture of Step 3- UR DONE! Ammunition
Best Ammunition:
Air Rifle Pellets
Lego Mini Lights
Toothpicks- if not fired correctly, may damage peas shooter

Remember again, this is a weapon and highly dangerous! DO NOT FIRE AT ANY LIVING THING!
Be carful with that it leaves welts
lucariothelegend (author)  Air_Assassin4 years ago
yeah i no im not stupid. I use it as an "assassin's gun" for airsoft wars.
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lucariothelegend (author)  Air_Assassin4 years ago
u stop being a hater. u didnt have to call me one and it wouldve been a nice comment.
Im sorry
Im deleting that comment.
although you deleted it, we can all see what you said from the rest of the conversation.
Yeah, so? What about that?
lucariothelegend (author)  Air_Assassin4 years ago
It's also a very nice gun but I just mean to be carful and don't shoot your eye out.P.s. the reson I called u a hater is because I thought that was mean.
lucariothelegend (author)  Air_Assassin4 years ago
oh and i thot u were mean too. truce?
P.S im not a hater and u r not a hater I just mean that's wat haters do let's just settle this argument down and forget it even happened.:( (another p.s. can we be friends and end this argument?
lucariothelegend (author)  Air_Assassin4 years ago
R u chinese japenese or koren
lucariothelegend (author)  Air_Assassin4 years ago
very good bet this is very useful and...try mixing potassium nitrate and sugar together and put italong with matchstick heads on a paper and throw it at your neighbors...
If u subscribe to me i will subscribe to u.
Screamo4 years ago
:D it go boomboom?
lucariothelegend (author)  Screamo4 years ago
hmm? wat do u mean?
@ lucariothelegend he means boomboom in firing the gun
Screamo4 years ago
i meaaannz explosive peas?:D
lucariothelegend (author)  Screamo4 years ago
ummm i dont use explosives but i use gobstoppers and airsoft pellets (plastic)