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Introduction: Balloon Powered Toy Car

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In this instructable, i will teach you how to make a simple yet exciting Balloon Powered toy car. These are fun to race or just play with.

Step 1: Materials

To build the car, you need a hot glue gun, toy car, water bottle, balloon, (not pictured) knife

Step 2: Making the "engine"

Cut the top part of the water bottle off (see pic), then stretch the balloon over it.  

Step 3: Putting It Together

Hot glue gun the back of the car, then quickly put the "engine" on like in the pic

Step 4: How It Works

Blow up the balloon, pinch the neck, let go. If it just goes in circles it means the water bottle thing is not pointing straight.



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    please show me a video

    It took me like 20 tries, but it worked! thanks so much. Beats having to make your own car by a long shot!!! I love it! <3


    What do you like? To post comment on your own instructable? lol ;)
    I find the idea really stupid and really smart at the same time. Definitely a project to try to waste some time. Good job;)

    3 replies

    Ah after reading my comment, it do look weird. I mean that even if the idea of making a balloon powered car is.. weird, I still like the project as teh result is epic:)

    well its very helpful, because i need to make one of these for my physics project, so thanks so much to celtics88! my friend and i tried to propel a water bottle with a balloon attached to a straw and it failed, but we'll try this tomorrow