How to make a simple, effective and small pocket tool, recycling old ballpoint pens.

Step 1: Gather Materials Etc

Q: why would I want to to this?
A: I don't know and really don't care. But is a nicer end to old stuff than the trash can.

Q: Are these useful or only for show purposes?
A: Depends on the material you used. I resharp my jigsaw blades, so I could cut 4" pine board with my pocket saw. YMMV, but they are good tools, save space and your more expensive gadgets.

Any other questions? No? Good, lets go. You'll need:

1) ballpoint pen tubes (if using bic style pens, you can still have a live pen inside -- tell you more later)

2) old jigsaw blades, small drill bits, hardened steel rods/nails/screws, old pencil sharpeners blades.

Ok, have to talk a little here: I don't use new jigsaw blades, cause I resharp mine (triangle file) and keep the new ones for my power jigsaw. You must choose the "steel part" of the tool depending on what you have available and on what you intend to do with the tool (ex.: my small saw can be a helper if you camp out; a small drill bit for PCB drilling; pencil sharpener blade good for general purpose knife and so on)

3) pliers (essential; we'll be working hot stuff here)

4) fire source (I used a lighter and a candle)

5) power grinder, rasp, files, sandpaper (optional, but gives a better looking if you grind/sand off excess)

6) good sense (don't hurt/burn youself, don't poke/cut/saw anyone, these are serious things, not knex rifles!!!)

For the pictured project, I used a hard steel nail to build an awl.
That drill looks like it would go through my hand before it went through anything useful...
I had blisters on my hand when i used it to drill holes on my PCB<br>No wonder they invented SMD
Who says drilling your hand isn't useful!
You could mak a cool retractable tool if you used a run out retractable pen making the tool safer as it won't stab you in your pocket or watever, it may make it look better as everything is internal etc. if not i recommend making some kind of lid for the knife and awl so it doesn't cut you when it's lying around (or did you already do that?)<br/><br/>Another thought if you used a retractable pen with for colours you could have a multiple tool-http://www.printedpens.com.au/persistent/catalogue_images/products/promo_4_colour_pen.jpg<br/><br/>just a few things that popped into my head if i were doing it, which i might if i ever find some appropriate materials like dud sharpeners.<br/><br/>Mdog<br/>
This rocks! I'm gonna make one right now! 4.5/5 *s!
Agreed. these tools couldn't be very useful at hard work. But... For easy projects they could be useful ;)
Yeah, you got the spirit. These are alternative uses for recycling old pen tubes, plus adding an extra tool to your light duty toolbox. Although I put a lot of abuse on them. I've been using the saw for about 1 year, and it's still in top shape. Only had to sharp it from time to time.
Maybe ill try to make some xD .
Don't you mean, prison shanks?

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