Balsa Spitfire Model Small Scale


Introduction: Balsa Spitfire Model Small Scale

About: I have always loved the feeling of finishing the construction of an object and if I don't have something I need or want I usually give it a go to build it from what I have. Usually though, I look at a boring...

Here are some pictures of a spitfire I built a year or two ago. I downloaded some plans from the internet and resized them to the size I wanted to build. I bought some small balsa sheets and then cut out the wing ribs and formers for the fuselage, then used balsa strips to link them. This is still lying in a box somewhere, I can't finish and cover it yet because i still need to get some electric innards so that I can make it into a micro RC aeroplane.

I have now attached the plan I used, just click on the image and find the correct resolution or crop the picture into 2 halves on a Microsoft Office document so you can print it.



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    Okay... Won't allow me to attatch plans; guess you have some internet surfing to do!

    I found the plans after some searching on google images. I will try to attatch them to this instructable.

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    I cut the paper ribs etc. out of the plans, then I traced them onto balsa about 1.2 mm thick.

    Beautiful airplane!