Step 3: Make the Crust

Follow the Directions given on the pack of Vegetable Shortening to make the pie crust.  When Finished, place the crust in the fridge.
<p>Yes, I should make this for my son's birthday party!</p>
You have a sick sense of humour... like me... welldone i am amused<br><br>you've seen the movie now eat the cast! lol<br><br>Welldone high five for you<br><br>
i would have made it a bambi and thumper pie but i had no rabbit on hand.
I'll vote!
Thank you very much!
Sure! I love your instructables!
I hope to keep it that way! :)
good work, it must have been sad eating bambi,
he was quite delicious actually! :D
This is Great!

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