Hand crafted bow and arrow made of bamboo that looks perfectly natural. Can be fine tuned to be used as a real hunting bow hitting targets up to 50ft away (depending on the arrow used).
And it looks awesomely cool!

Step 1: Tools and Materials

What will be required to make this bow:
1. Hand saw
2. Hex saw
3. Penknife
4. Scissors
5. Hammer and Chisel
6. Machete/ Knife
7. Pencil
8. Sandpaper
9. Stool

1. Dried Bamboo (Thick and Thin) - You can make do with whatever type you have
2. Jute
3. Inner tube of a motorbike tire / Nylon string
<p>I made a mistake and the first time i went to the store I bought the thickest nylon string. I now have just the right thin string but I have 2 meters leftover string :/ can I recycle the thick string by using it to tie the bow together or must I use the jute ?</p>
What is the draw weight?
<p>The draw weight on that bow is most likely 15-20lbs*. I've made bows out of green bamboo before (about 5-6 feet long) and the draw on those is only 20-25lbs. The dried/cured bamboo is stronger but I judge that bow to be only about 4 1/2 feet. *Keep in mind the inner tube &quot;string&quot; will reduce the power as it stretches vs. string, sinew or braided vine...</p>
Very nice ... bro :)
How to make the arrow
huh, nice one man! i never tried that before. when i used bamboo i attempted a spear but could never get it quite right. got any tips?
Did u try straghtening it? <br>
|( No i tried sticking it inside an outlet to see if i could use it to charge my car. Piece was straight, but bamboo is partialy hollow so didnt know how to go about forming a point without tieing one on.
try a four pronged spear<br>y know the ones with four seperate points<br>search it on google you should get plenty of results<br>i did make one few months ago it was great for fishing<br>[sorry for the late reply]
i think thats called a trident but pretty sure im wrong. never thought about multiple points. thnx for the idea.
Your welcome <br>i have some experience with using bamboo <br>
Cool , ur bow looks tradisional and it look like chinese hand made bow ! Thx for sharing because i make a bamboo bow from ur information.
Hw u doing mAn &lt; wht thing's need to mke a prefect bow n arrow.....thks mn !
nice mustache<br>
it's wonder......well doing ,nc mn ~
hey i was just wondering, which type of rope/string should i use for a very strong and effective bow, preferable so it can be accurate and go as far as it can. I would like to try use fishing line, but would nylon string be the best choice??
550 paracord. fishing line will cut your fingers.
&nbsp;Its best if you can get something like the real bow string. Fishing lines might be some trouble to tie
what type of bamboo did you use, i live in the tropics and so there is only 2 types of bamboo, a stupid kind and a even stupider kind. XD
Havent made one yet, but from what i've heard, 550 paracord works pretty well for a bowstring
Do you have any idea how many pounds or Kgs of force are required to pull this bow fully back?
Would braiding 20lb test monofilament work as an alternative to real string?
what pound test does this have (approximately)?<br />
What is the test on this bow, just wondering because usually hunting deer requires at least a fifty or sixty pound test...
erm i never tested it that way,<br/>The main problem is getting a good arrow, so far none of my arrows fly straight for more than 10ft =P<br/>But if you used a nylon string instead of the flexible rubber i used, and got an aerodynamic spinning arrow, im sure it can take down a rabbit! LoLs<br/>I'm sure it would for a deer too, just i wouldn't do that unless i was really desperate for food =D<br/>
if you want a more accurate arrow you need to give it some sort of drag in the back such as fletchings or simply a bunch of yarn bits tied to the back and glued in place. Use some hair and paint it black and you have a ork arrow. the better the fletching the more accurate the arrow. straightness of the arrow matters very little in comparison to fletching.<br />
You do know what a test for a bow is, right? Anyway, a real good bamboo bow should go at least forty yards. If you are trying to make a good arrow and cannot get a straight shaft I would have to suggest using a dowel, lol...well thanks for the instructable.
no thirty fiv eto forty leagal
Please, could you at least take the time to write what you are thinking instead of bashing the keyboard to vomit out what you call words, theres even a spell check on here so just click it... but yes, the legal test for a bow is thirty-five to forty pounds.
ya sorry mr. bossy
plz make an instructable for the catapult
Nice looking bow, A couple of questions,1 what diameter bamboo for the handle section and length.what size bamboo for the limbs , are they flatten. THANKS JERSEY MAN
The bamboo i am using is a different breed, they grow at most up to 2inches in diameter. the one i used for the handle is about 1inch in dameter and the limbs are actually splitted from a 2inch diameter bamboo (1 full bamboo can make 4-8 limbs) i dont think there is a way to "flatten" bamboo hehe more over full rounded bamboos are hard to bend unless they are less than 0.5 inches thick
how long does it last?
it depends on the materials you use.<br/>i find that the rubber looses elasticity and it also degrades over time,<br/>so if you replace that with some other material, it would last longer =)<br/>
Nice bow, it looks really nice!

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