Bamboo is my favorite construction material! Not only is it natural...it's also light, flexible, stronger than steel (when heat-treated) and you can make just about anything with it! You can furnish your whole campsite with it...*working on bamboo Lazy Boy recliner and wide-screen TV* j/k

Step 1: Camp Table

4- 32” bamboo poles
5-24” bamboo poles
8-12 24” bamboo poles for table top
1/8” sisal, cotton, hemp, manila or poly cord that does not stretch!
Nylon is not as good for this!!!

Hacksaw or coping saw to cut bamboo to length
Measuring tape to measure for cuts

Caution: Bamboo splinters can be very painful. Take care when using a saw that you don’t cut yourself! If care is taken when cutting the bamboo, splinters should not be a problem.

Lay two of the long poles side by side and lash them together in the center then lash the other two long poles side by side as well.
Continue lashing poles to make an A-frame and then a second A-frame
Lash the two A-frames together to make a table support
Place bamboo poles across the top to complete the table
This looks good! Here's a link to an <a href="http://scoutpioneering.com/2012/12/29/simple-camp-table/" rel="nofollow">oft-used design</a> that is very stable and requires a lot less lashings.
oh neat! I've never worked with Bamboo. Is it commonly available at the hardware store? if not, where do you find it?
I've got a nursery that has 6 varieties and he gives me all I'll take because...as 1tri2 said...it can be very invasive...depending on the variety...clumper vs runner...the black bamboo, I think, is the best looking, and also very strong. You can find it up to 6 inches in diameter...if you're building furniture for a giant!
Bamboo is native to many places around the world...you're best bet is to do a google search of what is native to your area and then ask all your friends for leads as most hardware stores (at least as far as I've seen) don't bother to carry it.<br>Bamboo on the whole is a wonderful building material but the bain of gardeners and landscapers for their invasive nature.<br>Hope that helps...

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