The concept of this chair came about the desire to create a chair that was beautiful, functional and left little waste. The entire chair was made from 1 piece of Bamboo plywood. (Well the initial design was for that, however after the chair had been made I realized it needed a stabilizer bar and the leg to be a bit thicker). As well, i felt that there would be a way to design and build a chair that over all was not too expensive and could still be eco-friendly.

Materials Needed:
1 sheet of 1/4" bamboo plywood 4'x8'
2 sheets of 3/4 particle Board 4'x8'
1 sheet of semi-rigid material to skin the top of the form
600 wine corks
5-  Crown Bolt 1/4-20 x 13mm Zinc-Plated Steel Type-A Insert Nuts
5-  Crown Bolt 1/4-20 x 70mm Coarse Steel Hex Drive Connecting Bolt
7-  8 x 1-1/4 HighPoint Round Washer Head Screws
Wood glue
AMF Safecoat Safe Seal or other eco-friendly clear sealer

Tools Needed:
Band saw or other method to cut wine corks in half
Electric sander or hand sander with assortment of grits
An assortment of clamps
Nail gun w/ 2" nails
Screw gun with screw bits and and 1/4" drill bit
CNC machine or a hand router and patience
Vacuum form with large enough bag to fit chair and form
Optional heat blanket if your shop gets cold at night

Step 1: The Plan

I have attached the full AutoCad files for the shape of the chair and the CNC machine. I designed the shape of the chair to the human body to maximize comfort. One could alter the shape of the chair and update the CNC file as needed. The CNC file will cutout all the pieces needed to build the form for the chair. It might seem as though the form costs a lot of money, however if built properly it can be used over and over to re-produce this chair.
Assuming you needed to consume the wine to get the corks It comes as little suprise the end use was something to lie down upon
is it functional?
<p>Love the design! I will use nail gun or screws to temporary nail the bamboo sheet to form, as I do not have vacuum press. Corks will cover small holes left.</p>
<p>This is a great idea. Very out of the box! Might just have to make this for my mother.</p>
<p>Great work</p>
I would love to have one of these in my room. Great work!
What is the size in cm? I can't find a good online conversion script. I mean 3' - 10 1/8'' and 8 11/16'' in cm. Thanks
Fantastic, thanks
Beautiful chaise! Best use I have seen for recycling corks. Do you have a photo of the jig you used to hold the corks for cutting? I have a project that also requires the corks be cut lengthwise. I have a bandsaw, although I am not a skilled workworker...Even a simple sketch of the jig would be helpful.
Refer to photo 1, step 4 for now, I will see if I can come up with a sketch. And no worries, becoming a skilled &quot;workworker&quot; takes time. :) <br>
Thanks! I didn't see that before, too busy admiring the chaise! I have a jigsaw - hoping that might work for me. Either way a jig is a wise idea. I guess even if I cut them by hand, a jig would help.<br>Christine.<br>
Very nice!...You got my vote!
you should totally start mass producing those! Bet they'd sell really well. I'd buy one! :)
<em>VERY NICE CHAISE LOUNGE....</em>&nbsp;This is a great prototype piece, I hope you develop it for both indoor and outdoor use...the ladder frame under support is great as a built-in but I believe that careful consideration should be taken if your intent is furniture.... Both the under support and leg systems need to be reconsidered in greater detail.<br> <br> Great job and happy to see the post...
Great work! Very beautiful.
Looks so nice and comfortable, too!
That chair is wonderful! Did you keep the forms so you could make other chairs if you wanted to? I think that chair is so attractive and interesting that you could get decent money for them. I was thinking I'd easily pay $450 -$500 for one, and I'm a tightwad! I hope that it cost much less than that to make. If you could get the cost fairly low, I can definitely see a market for it.
You did an excellent job designing and making this lounge! Years ago I created for my architectural thesis a chair out of strips of bent laminated ash using leather as the body support. It was a lot of fun and a lot of work which I'm sure was the same for you.
Thank you, I had a great time making the chair. I would love to see some photos if you have any!
Impressively beautiful. Wish it was weather-proof &amp; that you could manufacture this. Would love about 4 of these out front. Idea: approach a plastics manufacturer to make the frame and several restaurants/bars for the corks.
This is beautiful and looks really comfortable too. I especially like how it seems to float. I'm really sad that my workshop (which doubles as a living room) won't allow me to attempt this. Thanks for sharing!
Seriously Awesome work dude! I'd love to see a slide show of your vacuum bagging set up. Like what are you using for a pump and how many inches of mercury are you pulling. What mil poly and how you seal the bag. You know, the technical bits.
OUTSTANDING WORK !!!! Very nice usefull project.
Beautiful chair. Lots of wine drinking involved. Like it.
This is really lovely, good work!

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