Introduction: Bamboo Cup

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This cup is made of bamboo. Some people don't even know that we can make cups from bamboo. It is easy to make. We just needed little material to make it. It is organic and natural. Also, it is environmentally friendly.

Step 1: Materials

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Not to much materials to make this bamboo cup:

1. Bamboo

2.Sand paper

3. Wood saw

4. Shellac

5. Brush

6. Beeswax

7. Ruler

Step 2: Cut the Bamboo

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We need to cut the bamboo that have the big hole inside because it is easy to put the water and cut the width with 6.5 meters and the length with 16 meters ( but up to you, if you want to do bigger or smaller than this that's fine.)

Step 3: Sand the Cup

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You have to sand the outside, inside and the edge of the bamboo and sand it from the smallest grit number of sand paper (80-320-1000) to the biggest grit number of sand paper and sand until it get very smooth.

Step 4: Shellac the Outside of the Cup

Picture of Shellac the Outside of the Cup

You have to put shellac liquid in the plate or bowl , put the brush into the water and take it to paint outside the cup. After you shellac finished you have to put the cup under the sunshine until it dry and after it dried you have to sand the 1000 grit of number again.

Step 5: Adding Beeswax

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You must add a layer of beeswax inside the cup to protected from water.

Also, we use beeswax because it is natural.


mrsmerwin (author)2017-09-05

How do you go about coating the inside with beeswax?

First, we have to melt the beeswax, then pour it inside the cup, before it hardens You have to pour the beeswax out of the cup and then it will stick inside the cup walls.

That sounds easy enough. Thanks

Swansong (author)2017-09-05

That's a neat way to make them! This would be a great school project :)

Thank you very much! if you try it, we would like to see some photos.

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